How SEO Works for Business: Build Customer Base for Growth

How does SEO work for business?

You can actually make SEO work for your business in two steps.

One. Make your website search friendly to build your business presence on search engines.

Two. Make it work for your business growth by using strategies to grow search engine visibility to connect with more and more search users.

This is all what SEO does for a business and how it helps a company build and scale up its business through search engines.

Here is how SEO for business works and helps in growth in detail.

How SEO Works for Business: Build Customer Base for Growth

How SEO Works For Business?

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a complete process to optimize various aspects of your website.

It helps improve search visibility of your website and help searchers find it as they search for information they need.

Your company has a business website displaying products, services and more business information.

When this business information is seen by people who are searching for it then your business stands to gain the prospective customers it wants.

This is effective marketing for your business.

This is the target audience of your business on search engines. Search engine optimization helps your business website reach these people.

This is SEO marketing and this helps your business company grow.

This is how SEO marketing works for your business website by helping it reach that target audience on search engines.

From products and services to useful information and blog posts, a business can find the audience that is looking and searching for all these.

A business can find and target audience for all that it offers that is provides through its website.

SEO keywords help your business find this audience.

With further research you find what the users are really looking for.

What type of content they are looking for?

What they want to find and what they want to do: read information or buy something? This is the intent of the users.

After this you optimize your content and page. Here you target your audience and their intent.

Then you need to make your website ready and available for searchers.

This means making it ready for search engines where those people search for your type of website.

Once you do all this your website is ready for search engines and for your target audience.

This is how you set up or build SEO for your business.

The next stage is to get results from search engines for your business.

That needs you to go advanced and use some strategies.

This is how SEO works for your business and its growth providing an effective marketing techniue.

Let us now look at the steps of how to use search engine optimization for your business, from building search engine presence to improving visibility and getting traffic.

Here is how SEO works for business step by step.

How Does SEO Work For Your Business Step by Step

Now what you need is to follow the techniques of search engine optimization step-by-step for your business.

Find Your Keywords

Optimization starts with knowing what are your SEO keywords.

As a business you want customers from search engines. This starts with finding people who are interested to know about your business products and services.

This way we find our target audience on search engines.

Keywords help you find and connect with that audience.

This is why keywords are important in SEO.

Keyword research is the process of finding words used on search engines which are related and relevant to your business.

This makes keyword research important for your SEO.

With keyword research we aim to find as many types of words, terms and phrases which people are use on search engines to find businesses similar to ours.

This is how you do keyword research.

For this need to know how people search for your business and its products on search engines.

This is how you target that audience.

When you target right audience then you bring the right traffic.

This is what makes SEO traffic relevant.

Do On-Page SEO Optimization

On Page SEO helps your audience know what topic you are talking about.

It also helps search engines know what keywords you are targeting and optimizing for your page.

On-page SEO optimization guides you how to use your keywords in the best way to help both users and search engines what you are talking about.

Title is the main and the first technique and place where you need to use your main keyword.

This is what gives search engines the strongest suggestion that this is what your page is about.

This Title is also displayed to search users in big bold blue color to help them know what each ranking web page is about.

You also need to use your keyword in the URL of each page.

And there are more on-page SEO techniques you need learn and use. Here is the list of onpage SEO optimization activities.

Write Business Content For Your Website

You need content for your website.

It is the content that represents your business and products on your website.

You need to describe and explain your company, business and your products & services. This is what writing content for your website is.

What you also need to do is you need to optimize this content for your users.

This means writing to help users understand easily.

It is the content that search users are searching for and want to read.

Content also covers images, and not just the text.

Use proper images and at places where an image can help users understand better.

Follow Technical SEO Optimization Techniques

Technical SEO optimization prepares your complete website so that search engines can access your website easily and read your pages well.

To target users on search engines the most basic thing to do is to submit your website to search engines.

The steps to do that and prepare your website are a part of technical optimization.

Technical SEO optimization also helps make your website more user friendly.

Making a site mobile friendly is making your website easily viewable for mobile users. This is making it more user friendly.

Here is the technical SEO optimization checklist to learn more about technical optimization of website for search engines and users.

How Does a Business Grow (And How SEO Helps)?

How do you expand and scale up your business?

How do businesses grow?

Business growth means more reach, more customers.

Your business should be able to maintain this growth for long term. So it also needs to be cost effective way.

And one important factor to help your long term business growth is building credibility and trust among your customer prospects.

This is How SEO Helps Your Business Grow

SEO is your marketing strategy which provides all the above benefits and advantages.

This is what SEO can do for a company to help it's business grow.

SEO for business means and stands for three in one benefit for your company business.

  • Find & Target Right Audience
  • Free Website Traffic & Growth
  • Cost-Effective & Long-Term Marketing

This is how SEO for business helps your company grow.

Find & Target Right Audience

SEO gives you something which no other digital marketing channel can.

You can find many sets of audience on search engines by just finding the right & relevant keywords for your business.

Your SEO keywords define your audience and tell you what they are looking for.

When you find keywords you find a set of audience for your business which is present on and using search engines.

Free & Relevant Traffic For Company Website

SEO brings free traffic to your company website which is most relevant and helpful for your business.

If you are wondering about value of search engine optimization for your business then this resource might help.

You see SEO worth for your business when we compare it with PPC another digital marketing technique to target search traffic.

In PPC (pay-per-click) we can target any type of users by putting an ad on search engines.

With an advertisement a business can secure top view on the first page of search engines.

Although gets you fast clicks, however, you need a budget for the ads and each time a user clicks a certain amount is deducted from your budget.

This budget we pay in advance to search engines while placing our ads.

So, if you see X number of clicks you get with PPC equals to X multiplied by Y amount of bid for each keyword.

On the other hand with the help of SEO a business can get the same X number of clicks without any extra budget.

And you can maintain that traffic month after month by maintaining your rankings on the first page.

This is what SEO does for a business. It gets you free traffic from search engines that is most relevant for that business.

How do you get this relevant search traffic free?

Build Rankings To Improve Search Engine Views & Clicks

This is what SEO does for your website. This is how SEO works for your business. It helps you build your search engine presence and then improve it by improving your rankings on Google.

As your website improves rankings from bottom of the pages to the top pages on search engines your business gains more and more search views.

This means your business has started to reach its audience on search engines.

Long Term Marketing Solution Which You Can Plan For

SEO is actually your long term marketing solution. You can plan it with the help of strategies.

One of the best things which helps a business is that you do not have to pay for every clicks that are getting from search engines. You do not have to pay for your planned or future traffic or clicks.

This helps you plan it for future.

And the points mentioned above like discovering more keywords, content gaps, competitive analysis help in planning and executing your SEO.

Why SEO is Important for Small Business and How It Helps Startups

It is the small businesses and startups that need an effective online marketing solution.

Often small businesses are pressed with the issue of limited budgets, which can also be the case with startups.

They also need to establish their market presence within a reasonable period of time so that they can survive and then build their businesses.

Competition is one another area of concern especially for every small business and also the startups.

Here are 3 reasons why SEO is important for small businesses.

3 Advantages and Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses and Startups

Cost Effective Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

SEO brings a very cost effective digital marketing solution for small businesses and startups.

You can build good search engine presence, visibility and rankings with a limited budget. And you can get traffic from search engines.

As we said this technique is scalable. What this also means is that you can start it small and as per your needs.

Help Small Businesses Beat Competition

Search engine provides many opportunities for all types of websites.

It is not that much about having huge marketing budgets or large scale network to make your business successful here.

SEO is more about doing thorough & deeper research for keywords & content, smart competitive analysis, having better & more relevant content.

Once you do that you can even aim to compete with bigger websites.

And there is one advantage for all here which can help not only beat your competition easily. This is finding keywords which your competitors are not ranking. Second is to find ways to rank competitors’ keywords.

Build Market Presence & Brand

Building a brand for your business is not only for large companies.

In digital marketing everyone can build their brands in their own respective ways.

And in SEO you get to do this better.

Getting returns from search engines is all about how best you satisfy your users there.

Rankings also come through this.

As you would have understood that users come to search engines with a need.

When you satisfy that need better and do that on a consistent basis then for them your website can become a name that helped and a name to remember and come back to for more information.

Keyword research & content helps in that in the best way.

When you are the top ranking site for a keyword which your competitor is not targeting then it helps in building your brand.

When you start ranking among the top competitors for the main keywords within your niche then your website build trust.

When you build domain authority on search engine then you earn respect on search engines.

When you provide good, better and unique content that ranks on search engines then search users remember your website and reward it in many ways. Your business and your website earns admiration and appreciation.

All this is brand building.

What you need to do now?

Grow Business SEO

What you need is grow your business SEO.

This means keep invested in search engine optimization.

What you need to do is grow the relevant organic reach of your business.

When you grow your search engine optimization, you grow your website reach. And this way you grow your business reach and customer base.

How do you grow your business SEO?

You can use follow these strategies.

How SEO Helps Your Business in Growth

SEO strategies help your business grow.

These strategies help your business grow its search visibility, rank for more keywords, reach the right people and thereby grow your customer prospects with SEO.

This is what you need to do to help your business SEO grow.

Here is how to make SEO work for your business and help in growth.

Understand Importance of Website and Content as Your Platform

In order to use SEO to reach those audience, and before using this search engine optimization technique, there is another thing which they need.

For SEO and for digital marketing you need a website. SEO is done on and for a website.

Your business or a company website will have the following pages.

The Index or Home page

Product pages

Category pages

About page

Contact page


If you want to target and reach your audience through this unique online marketing technique then you need a website where you will be bringing all those visitors.

Website is the platform which helps someone reach and connect with the online world. Your website is the place where you provide all the useful information, data and other things which anyone can see and make use of.

Your website is important in digital marketing of business.

You also need your website to be well designed.

The first and most important thing you need to do is keep your design simple and in flow.

This will help your search engine optimization.

Before you start business search engine optimization and even after you should know that website content is important for SEO of your business in more ways than one.

All that you talk about your business on your website is through content only.

When you start doing SEO or are searching for keywords, etc., you will find different types of websites.

Every website is created on some platform and using languages. There are two ways of building any website. Either you create it from scratch using the languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS. Or you use website building platforms.

Depending upon the type of website, each site has pages. We do SEO for these pages. Every website has an index page. This index page or the home page represents the domain URL of every website.

Keep Building Quality Backlinks

You need to keep building quality backlinks.

When all optimization is complete and your pages are on Google then you start building backlinks to your website.

You can look at backlinks as the votes and trust gained to build rankings on search engines and push it further high.

Your business search visibility enhances as you improve rankings.

For this you need backlinks.

This is called off-page SEO link building.

Getting your business listed on relevant business listing websites is one good way to start building links.

You can also create your business profiles on websites which showcase different websites or businesses like yours.

Creating Google My Business profile and Bing Business profiles are a must for all location based businesses.

If you have a location from where you operate then profiles on Google and Bing will greatly help.

Keep Finding Relevant Keywords

You need to keep finding relevant keywords to help your business reach more relevant audience and grow traffic and customer base.

Each keyword connects your business with a new or different audience base.

And with a new yet relevant keyword you can target an audience that is same or similar in terms of what they are looking for.

Find Intent Based Keywords

Intent based keywords is the quicker way to growing your business.

These are also called as long tail keywords.

These are keywords which show user intent more clearly than other keywords.

With these keywords you can target what an audience wants exactly.

This way you get an audience that is more likely to convert into customers.

Keep Creating and Improving Your Content

Content is the king. Content connects you with your users and drives traffic.

The more content you have on your website more you grow your search engine visibility.

You also need to look at your existing content and how relevant it is to the audience that you are targeting.

You can add some content to your already ranking pages to make it more relevant for your readers.

You can create content that could help your target audience with useful information or in how to do things that matter to them.

Keep Improving Optimization

One way to stay in competition and even beat it is to improve your optimization.

And it certainly helps you improve your search rankings.

I ranked a LT keyword by improving optimization and adding some relevant content

Optimization also makes your content stay relevant.

The search pages, results and what goes behind these keeps updating or improving.

The keywords remain the same but what is more relevant and best may keep changing.

Hence we need to keep a check on what content we have and what is ranking.

And it goes without saying that content without proper optimization is of less use for ranking on search engines.

Optimize for Searchers, Search Engines and Rankings

Whether it is a business website or a blog or any other type of website, you create it for your audience. You have certain section of people whom you want to reach and connect. You want them to come and read your content.

So, you need to write content and optimize it for them primarily.

If they do not find what they are looking for then your website and its content is of very little use. If they do not find your content interesting then it serves very little purpose.

When you want to reach audience who use search engines and will come to your website via that platform then you also need to keep in mind the guidelines of search engines and how searchers behave.

So, in SEO you need to optimize your content for the users or the audience. Then you do technical and on page SEO to make it acceptable to search engines. That optimization is to help Google and other search engines read, accept, categorize and recognize as relevant for search queries.

Ensure Complete Technical Optimization

You need to ensure that technical optimization of your website is complete and up to date.

You need to check on indexing of your pages.

You need to request indexing every time you change your content.

SEO Expertise Work Best for Your Business

To really make SEO work best for your business and help your website benefit from search engines with rankings and traffic you need SEO strategies.

Hiring an experienced and expert business SEO consultant services who has achieved ranking and traffic could definitely help.

You may also look forward to do it yourself or build your own in house team. In this case what you may need is a DIY SEO course in advanced strategies which helps to rank your website.

And you may soon build your own Google ranking expertise.

And you will realise that there is a big difference between doing website SEO step by step with strategies and just following and doing its techniques randomly.

That difference you could see in rankings, traffic and in terms of what value those rankings and traffic bring to your business.

SEO strategies can be what topics to select, finding more keywords, how to write & structure content, connecting pages within the website, building links; ranking a website for more keywords; or how to bring relevant traffic to your website.

Here are few types of business and what they could do to benefit from SEO.