10 Types of Websites (Most Popular & Common on The Internet)

Importance, benefits and advantages of having a website

What are the Different Types of Website we all see Today?

What this online or digital world is made up of is millions and millions of different types of websites. Each of these websites are important and serve their purposes, and bring benefits too.

The reason why there are categories and types of websites is because they are build for different purposes. The things or factors that make all these site types different are their focus, the purpose they are created for, their functionalities, the content, the type of audience and need they cater to, and also the website design.

And when we are talking about these types then there are certain website types that have become important for us. Here are few of the most useful websites in our everday lives.

10 Website Types

As we mentioned before, all and everything we search, read and do on the world wide web or the Internet, is done ONLY through websites. Different types of websites fulfil the purpose of the web and have made it what it is today. Here are few of the more commonly seen websites types on the Internet in today's online world.

3 types of websites for business and their roles & importance

Company websites

Companies have websites which represent what they do and their business. These are business websites or corporate website. A website is the face of the company for millions of online visitors. Websites also serve so many purposes for companies and therefore websites are important for companies.

Company blog websites

Apart from business sites, companies can have their blog websites or separate sites where they post regular content and updates. Here they can provide useful information, guidance, etc. for their audience and also for all the online visitors.

Ecommerce websites

This is the third type of website which businesses and companies can have. Ecommerce websites are created for online selling of products of businesses. A company can have corporate website and also a separate ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites are very much popular, in demand and important these days when each day more and more people shop for various things online.

Other types of websites important and used by individuals & businesses

Blog Websites

Blog is a type of website which is content rich. Blogs are regularly updated with new and fresh content. Blogs websites are created and maintained by individuals and even by companies as mentioned above in company blog websites.

Information websites

One can create a website just to provide and share information with the online users and community. This information could be about anything and any subject. It can be about a particular subject, topic, general information or about various subjects and topics.

Educational websites

There could also be educational websites which are more like informational websites. These can be a mix of informational websites and blogs where people can be educated and informed about and on a particular subject or topic.

Institutions websites

There are so many schools, colleges, universities and institutions. Most of these have their own websites and these are Institution websites. These websites do not offer general information or education. These are more like corporate websites but for educational institutions rather than companies. These website will talk about the various courses and education programs of that school, college or university.

Non profit websites

There are many nonprofit organizations in the world. And just like a company and an institution these organization also have their own websites. These are non profit websites. These organizations will share information and details about their activities and other things on their websites.

News websites

There are lots and lots of news websites on the Internet and in the online world. These websites share the current news, reports and all the latest things which are happening. These news websites are international, focused on a country, and even different cities. And these sites share news around and according to their focus areas.

Social media websites

Facebook, Instagram, youtube, LinkedIn are few names which everyone knows. These are social media websites. These are like global or international community of users. Here one can do so many different things along with connecting with each other. These are platforms for online social connecting and sharing.

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