Organic Marketing - Meaning, Definition, Types (All About It)

If you want to understand digital marketing then you must start with knowing what is organic marketing.

Organic marketing is the important & popular reason why most businesses hire digital marketing as a service.

Organic is what all beginners learn in digital marketing.

And knowing the organic tactics is what helps clearly distinguish between what is marketing and what is advertising in digital marketing.

Here is your complete guide to learn about Organic marketing in 2023.

Organic Marketing - Meaning, Definition, Types (All About It)

What is Organic Marketing?

What is Organic Marketing meaning? What we actually mean when we use the term organic for marketing? Let us understand.

Organic Marketing is building reach, visibility and growth in a natural & steady way for your website.

Marketing organically means when you aim to build audience reach and visibility step by step and gradually without using any quick methods.

What this means is not using any paid marketing or advertising which is referred as inorganic.

In today’s world we all are marketing online and using digital marketing channels.

Search Engines and social media are two digital marketing platforms where we use both organic and inorganic channels and approach.

At both these platforms we can reach and connect with our audience in two ways. By building organic online presence or using paid advertising.

Best way to understand organic marketing and clearly distinguish it from inorganic marketing is to look at search engine or Google results when we search for any product or service.

You will see paid ads on top of the Google search results categorized as sponsored. This is inorganic marketing.

The centre and main area of the search result page shows you organic search results also called as organic rankings. This is organic marketing.

Organic Marketing is detailed and step by step in approach. It is also slow and steady in bringing the desired results. Yet it is a sustainable strategy which brings long term benefits.

So, organic way of marketing means organic digital marketing using non paid channels and techniques which give us free traffic like from search engines or from social media.

The organic simply means the method of digital marketing that you do not use advertising and pay for the number of traffic to your website.

Organic marketing is the type of digital marketing which means using inbound marketing methods for business marketing on platforms like search engines and social media. Organic marketing is primarily influenced by content.

Building presence on online platforms with optimization and content strategies is the roadmap to digital marketing. This is organic way of marketing.

Let us understand organic way of marketing as also called organic digital marketing with the help of definition, types, examples and how to do strategies.

You will also know about the 2 main types of organic marketing that are most popular or sought after.

Define Organic Digital Marketing

What is the definition of organic digital marketing?

Organic digital marketing is defined as taking the website content as the important pillar and following the techniques and steps to target and attract online traffic naturally and gradually across the channels that allow organic presence and growth.

It is what truly brings out the importance of website for your business.

Organic digital marketing is the sum total of various strategies that we use across the different channels primarily search engines and social media to help our audience discover the value driven content on our website.

This is inbound way of digital marketing where we reach out to our audience to share the value based information and content that we are offering on our website which is useful & helpful for audience that we targeting.

This uses channel specific techniques, steps and strategies that helps us gain more visibility in front of our online viewers.

Organic digital marketing therefore means using digital techniques that help a website grow traffic more gradually rather than instantly through paid methods.

Organic way of digital marketing is like building up your market presence with techniques that your audience find your business or website and come to you.

When instead of aggressively reaching out to your audience you do activities that allow people to find you on different platforms it is organic digital marketing.

It is actually marketing in the digital world. The other part is advertising which is referred to as inorganic digital marketing.

Organic marketing is one comprehensive and effective roadmap to learning digital marketing.

Organic marketing in digital space takes more time and efforts but does not involve paid ads where we have to pay for every visiting user or click that we get through the channels we use.

When we have to pay to get each visitor then that is paid advertising or paid digital marketing. This is also called as inorganic digital marketing which is exactly the opposite of organic.

What Makes Digital Marketing Organic?

Organic way of digital marketing has certain characteristics. These characteristics make digital marketing organic.

These are few points which help us know what is organic in digital marketing.

Building Awareness

Building awareness is one thing which is organic in digital marketing. Digital marketing is organic when it is aimed at building awareness among its audience.

As compared to this inorganic or paid marketing in digital is to sell.

Inviting Readers

Organic digital marketing is also like inviting readers. We allow readers to come to our website. This is like inviting and not influencing in any way.

Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing is organic when it is inbound marketing or has key characteristics of inbound way of marketing.

This is an extension of inviting readers.

We create content and make the readers aware of it through various digital channels of organic marketing.

Long Term Strategy

Organic methods and channels are also long term strategies of digital marketing.

On the other hand paid advertising is always or mostly short term or need based.

What are the types of Organic Digital Marketing?

There are few types of organic digital marketing. These types are also the channels and techniques of organic marketing online.

These channels and types organic digital marketing are:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Let us just say that when you learn SEO effectively then you learn most effective organic way of digital marketing.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It is a true organic digital marketing where we optimize website and its content to help it reach the organic searchers on search engines.

This is how SEO works, as the organic set of techniques to build search engine presence & visibility for a website.

There are many types of SEO optimization for Google and all of those are organic.

SEO is completely organic in nature and process. The way it works for a business is to help it reach more and more searchers on Google and other search engines.

Social Media Optimization or Marketing

Social media is another very popular platform which is used as organic digital channel.

A business creates business pages on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Many businesses also use more platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is another organic way of digital marketing.

Here businesses create content. The content that they create is both on their websites like blogs and on other platforms.

The purpose of creating content or doing content marketing is to reach out and connect with audience.

Examples of Organic Marketing

Here few examples to help you understand what is organic digital marketing, what we do in it and what it includes.

  • Publishing a post on Facebook account of your business
  • Sharing a tweet about your business
  • Publishing an image on Pinterest
  • Talking about your business services or products on Linkedin
  • Creating content on your website
  • Optimizing your website content for your users
  • Publishing a blog
  • Writing an article or guest post on other websites
  • Building relationships with other website owners in your niche
  • Sharing your blog content on other websites

How to do Organic Marketing (Strategies we need to use)

We have already mentioned the important channels that are used for organic marketing. Now the question is how to do organic marketing?

Doing organic digital marketing simply means using the strategies that are specific to those channels to build a steady presence, visibility and growth.

However it all starts with a base and some common practices and a unified approach.

Before we go to discuss the steps here is what you should know.

Your website is most important as it is the centre point which holds the value and content. It is the platform where you would bring your audience.

This is how to do organic marketing for your website.

Knowing your Audience

The first step is to know who are your audience. One aspect which will help you know them is to know the demographics and geographical aspect.

But more important than this is to know what they want and what they are looking for. This is how you can relate your website and content better with them.

In fact this is how you optimize your content and make it more relevant and useful for them. And this applies both for search engine traffic and social media users.

This also helps you segregate your audience into groups like information seekers, immediate buyers or prospective or future immediate buyers.

Know the Audience Relevant Terms

Now you need to know the terms that are relevant for your audience.

This is also about knowing your audience but goes little deeper and means knowing what they want.

For search engines and SEO this means knowing your keywords.

However, the important keywords also play their role in social media both to target audience and to tell viewers what your posts are about and how is the content relevant for them.

For this you need to learn about the keyword research process.

Create Content that is Relevant & Useful for your Audience

You have your keywords now. These keywords tell you what your audience is looking for.

Many of these important words and phrases also tell you what exactly your audience wants to find in the content.

This is the best starting point to create content that your audience would like to read.

Even for products and services knowing these keywords helps you write about your products in a more user friendly ways.

Use SEO Techniques to Help Reach Content to Search Audience

Understand What is Organic Marketing on Search Engines

SEO is organic marketing on search engines.

It starts with knowing your search audience and finding keywords they use then creating content relevant for keywords & useful for your search audience and finally using the techniques of search engine optimization to rank your content.

Now that you have your keywords and content next step for you is to make your content reach your audience organically.

As search engines provide us with the largest platform of information seeking audience.

You need to reach that audience first.

With the help of SEO techniques we help our website steadily improve its visibility and rankings on search engines.

SEO is the step by step process how websites build presence and rankings on Google and other search engines.

This is how our content starts reaching more and more search engine audience.

So you need to fully optimize your complete website for search engines and help it rank better with SEO strategies.

This is what SEO consultants do.

Build your Social Media Presence

Social media also offers a very large platform of users who are active there on most part of the days.

They are a good set of audience to create awareness about your content.

So what you need is to create pages for your website on different social media platforms.

Few of the more popular social media platforms you can use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.

You need to properly optimize your pages with all business related information to help your audience know who you are.

This is called social media optimization.

Share your Content on Social Media for your Audience

Understand What is Organic Marketing on Social Media

Many wants to know what is organic marketing on social media. Here is your answer.

Once you have built your website or business presence on the above platforms now is the time to get social and reach your audience.

You need to be active on social media.

Doing social media optimization in real meaning is to go beyond creating optimized social pages and actively interacting or engaging with your audience.

You can also call it social media marketing.

This is organic marketing on social media. It covers optimization and organic way to marketing on social platforms. No social activity here includes any type of paid promotion.

When you pay for reaching more audience or to get more views for your post then it is actually social media advertising which inorganic way of marketing on social media platforms.

These are also called as sponsored posts on social media.

This means you create content for social media and post it regularly.

Or you share your website content on your various social media pages in the form of text, image or video based posts.

Benefits of Organic Marketing

There are many advantages of using organic digital marketing. And for these benefits only most businesses start with organic method of digital marketing.

Here are some of the benefits.

Cost Effective

Organic way of digital marketing is very cost effective.

It is also called free marketing.

Of course you have to pay for the services if you hire an agency but you do not have to pay for the traffic that comes to your website as a result of your organic reach and marketing.

Long Term Digital Marketing Solution

Organic digital marketing is a long term solution for businesses.

Many small businesses which cannot afford high advertising costs or do not have huge advertising budgets go for organic digital marketing.

And you can carry this marketing for a really long term because you can easily plan it for long term due to it being budget friendly.

Brings Long Lasting Benefits

Organic digital marketing is something like this.

If you do it right and for some time, it sticks and remains there.

Take SEO or social media for example.

When you master effective SEO strategies and apply it for your website then you can build rankings on search engine that stick and sustain much longer. And the traffic you get from this lasts really long.

When you build your social media presence with posts and messages, it stays there on your social business pages.

Advertising on the other hand requires regular investing of huge sums of money. As you stop paying your ads stop showing and you lose visibility.


It always helps to understand and know about what is organic digital marketing and what are the channels you can use for this type of marketing.