Best SEO Training Institute India For Expert Online Courses 2024

Complete Beginner to Advanced SEO Training Expert Institute offers 6 Best SEO Courses in one ULTIMATE Training Bundle designed by Kshitij Thakur for beginners in India for 2024.

Help Yourself Rank on Google and generate traffic for your Website.

Best SEO Institute offers the best Course in India

The expert SEO Institute offers the Best SEO course in India.

This is the Complete SEO Training Bundle 2024 and a Beginner to Advanced Masterclass.

With this SEO Training a beginner can go advanced and learn expert SEO techniques to rank websites on Google. All this you can learn in just a month.

SEO Institute founded by SEO Ranking expert Kshitij Thakur

I am Kshitij Thakur. who is actively working on growing, building & strengthening his ranking expertise in SEO.

I have ranked thousands of keywords on the first page and very top (most keywords ranking Number #1) on Google.

I continue to rank many more keywords on Google first page and among the top few positions and as #1 position.

I offer my expertise as one of the best SEO Consultants in India, US & UK.

I founded the Make SEO Roadmap SEO Institute online for learners Internationally.

I actually lived a complete beginner to advanced and expert SEO journey, which is still continuing and reaching higher and higher levels in expertise. That is my goal and will be.

I understand the needs, thought process of learners from a beginner to a professional and to an advanced expert stage in search engine optimization.

I decided to share my learning and expertise through SEO training online in India.

I founded the Make SEO Roadmap SEO Institute as the best and expert online platform to provide training to all learners.

For this I have designed SEO courses and training for learning needs at these different stages. I provide beginners to advanced professional and an expert SEO training through different courses.

My core SEO training course syllabus is Reviewed & Rated as best SEO content & syllabus for beginners by digital marketing & SEO professionals across India.

If you want to learn how to rank on Google then the complete syllabus of this SEO training course is important. This course on SEO aims to make you understand why each step of SEO is important and how best to do it.

It is a complete approach, proper understanding of SEO through the chapters, modules and syllabus. It is the set of techniques which you learn to use and apply in the right way through practical training.

This is how you learn and understand how you can rank keywords on Google.

Then there are the best advanced SEO chapters with practical steps to help you learn how to make keywords rank. And the best part are the specific chapters which provide training to best prepare you to rank your keywords.

Learn SEO completely from fundamentals to expert techniques

How to do SEO step by step for a new website

How to write better content

How to build links with a strategy

How to make your keywords rank on Google step by step

9 Best types of SEO training in India to become an expert

Beginners looking to learn SEO one would always want the best SEO Training in India. And they would always look to select from the best of the courses in SEO available in India.

So, Make SEO Roadmap has combined 9 best SEO courses in India which every beginner and also professionals want to enrol for.

The list of 9 best SEO training courses are:

  • SEO Course for complete Beginners
  • Professional SEO Course to be job ready
  • Practical SEO training Online
  • Local & Mobile SEO Courses
  • Advanced SEO Training course to learn more
  • Ranking Fundamentals SEO Training
  • How to rank & improve rankings SEO Training
  • SEO Link Building Master Course for every professional to go a step ahead of the rest in SEO
  • SEO Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting Course

All these 9 best SEO courses in India are now available in a single ULTIMATE COMPLETE SEO Training Masterclass bundle 2021 in India from Make SEO Roadmap.

Best SEO Courses Beginners to Advanced to Expert in India from Make SEO Roadmap Institute

List of top SEO courses in India

Beginners SEO Course

This beginners SEO Course is about two aspects. One is to properly understand SEO and all the factors related to it and which impact & affect how we do it. You cannot fully learn how to do SEO without first properly understanding it. This module covers what is SEO, search engines, algorithms.

The second part of the first module is how to start SEO. The right way to start SEO is very important. This is the base of all your future efforts and strategies. Here we teach steps to start and what you need to start.

The most important learning here is how to open Google accounts, set up your SEO and how to properly submit your website to Google search engine.


First step to become a professional SEO expert

A professional SEO course by definition is specifically designed to prepare a learner for career and also to improve skills. Our best professional course for SEO gives you exactly this and lot more. You will learn complete SEO with this course and ready to full SEO at a professional level even for your first job.

What really makes you an SEO professional? The answer is:

  • Understand SEO basics
  • Know SEO techniques, insights & online tools
  • Good understanding & expertise in each SEO step (from keyword research to link building)
  • Online Practical SEO understanding (how SEO works and how to do it)
  • Be able to do complete SEO Online

What you need to ask yourself is that do you just want a job, promotion or SEO your website. OR you want to be professional who knows how to do SEO in the best way and get results.

Our Online professional SEO course teaches & trains you all these, in the best way and at advanced level. You learn from experience of doing SEO & practice with exercises, to reach near a professional level while still learning. This makes it the best SEO course for complete professional learning.

Practical benefits of this Professional SEO course online for each learner

Learner ProfileSEO learning benefits of this course
Job Seekers
  1. Learn better with examples
  2. Practice with exercises
  3. Learn more about SEO and tools
Career Builders
  1. Go deeper into SEO
  2. Advanced & specialized learnings & techniques
  3. Improve & diversify SEO skills
Website Owners
  1. Easy and practical teaching approach
  2. Best for you to instantly apply what you learn
  3. Best reference for SEO techniques & insights

Practical SEO training Online

Learn how SEO works & how to apply what you learned

Learning SEO from experience can be the best for every beginner and even for the early or entry level professionals and SEO executives. This is what a practical SEO course can give you in the best way. With such a course you get practical training in SEO. You learn techniques that work, approach that is the best and methods which can improve the results.

A practical SEO course is best to learn all the practical knowledge and skills and prepares you with experience based training so that you can do SEO in a better and more effective way. You learn how to effectively do SEO and aim for better results. You learn all the professional techniques which are used and implemented when you do search engine optimization.

Learn the trained practical way to do SEO with concepts, techniques, methods, tips. All this with this best SEO course online.
  • Learn from experience, expertise and experiments
  • Learn with exercises and examples
  • Learn with techniques and tools

The practical training you get form our search engine optimization course

Learn with examples

What is a practical SEO course? The course which teaches you SEO with real life application. The best way to do that is with real life examples on how various SEO techniques and practices are used on real and live websites.

Examples teach and give you the practical side of anything. This is because examples are taken from real life. This practical course teaches you SEO with examples. This means it teaches you how search engine optimization is done in real life. That is always the best way to learn search engine optimization.

Practical on page SEO training

Learning the on page optimization techniques is one thing and knowing how to use these techniques in real life is another. To be a professional you need to learn how to actually use these techniques when you start doing SEO for a live website.

Learn technical SEO aspects & techniques

Technical SEO is one of the most important part when it comes to getting organic traffic from search engines through keyword ranking. So, the more you learn about it the better it will be. Learn how professionals do technical SEO and how the techniques are used in real life with this SEO course.

Learn importance of long tail keywords & how to find and use

Learning how to use long tail keywords on live websites for search engine optimization can make a huge difference. Do you know that these long tail keywords account for more than 50% of all the organic search? Learn how to find long tail keywords and how to use these effectively.

Learn meaning & role of LSI, how to find and use these

LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing (LSI). It is a concept, a system and also used to refer to some types of keywords. All this is important to know and learn when doing SEO, doing keyword research and optimizing content. Learn what are LSI keywords and how to identify, find and use them through examples in this course.

Local & Mobile SEO courses in India

The best professional SEO course trains you and teaches you exactly what you need to learn to be a professional.

When you begin your career and start your first job then you learn to see how we do SEO practically. Learning complete basic and fundamentals help, but you need more than that to be successful in your career and do SEO well and complete.

This is what we teach. Our SEO course is best as it trains you best in how to do local SEO and how to do Mobile SEO.

Local and Mobile SEO are two of the most important parts of doing professional SEO. This is because Google has shifted to mobile first indexing. This means you need your website to be Mobile friendly. For this you need to learn to do Mobile SEO.

Secondly, most of the SEO clients you work for in your jobs and career will be local businesses. So, you need to learn how to optimize and rank local websites for keywords which are relevant for their location based business.

This is why you need to learn local SEO and also Mobile SEO even before you start your career.

The other two reasons why you need to learn how to do local & mobile optimization are these.

Learning and doing SEO in Delhi, Mumbai or any city means, learning to do Local SEO. You should know that almost 50% (and even more) of organic searches in Google are made to find local products or related information and therefore to find location based business that is nearest to the users who are interested in buying. You need to learn local SEO. Our course covers local SEO in more detail.

The second most important thing is Mobile SEO. Mobile users search more for local information and close to 80% of these searchers visit a store within the same day. Our Mobile SEO course module & chapter will teach you how to optimize your website for Mobiles.

To do best and full SEO you need to learn SEO basics and also how to do local search engine optimization and Mobile optimization of a website. This Make SEO Roadmap SEO course is the best in Delhi and teaches you all that.

Advanced SEO Training

This is the advanced module of our SEO course training and syllabus. This module takes you ahead of the beginners, the early level & junior SEO and even many professionals.

This makes you a complete professional who can do complete SEO for a website from auditing to ranking.

You learn advanced concepts and insights into the world & profession of search engine optimization.

This module best prepares you to handle many types of clients and do Full SEO on your own. You learn Mobile SEO optimization, Local SEO for location based businesses and websites.

You learn how to audit and how to track & monitor your progress and reporting.

You go advanced in technical SEO and learn using htaccess file and completely & best handle 404 errors.

The other advanced focus of this module is KEYWORDS. When you understand & learn about how to find and use singular, plural, long tails and LSI keywords then you learn the first important step on how to make your keywords rank in Google.

Ranking Fundamentals SEO Training

Before you learn how to rank you need to understand what ranks. You need a proper understanding, learning and training on how to build the right base to rank your website on Google first page.

This is also what most SEO learners as well as professionals do not pay proper attention.

Another very important thing. This training is about how to rank and how to get more rankings on Google. For this reason, this module of our SEO training is the most important and is the foundation.

If you do this part thoroughly and properly then only you get many rankings and even faster rankings on Google.

There are two fundamentals of rankings.

KEYWORDS is the first one. The important thing to learn, master & practice here is how to find the right keywords; how to find & target more keywords; how to give meaning & build strong base with keywords; and how to find easier to rank keywords.

CONTENT is the second important fundamental of ranking. You need content for your keywords. But how much content you need, how do you know your content is better for ranking, and what to write and how to write content.

How to rank & improve rankings SEO Training

The how to rank SEO training teaches you the insights & tips on how to rank your keywords on Google.

Here you learn all the factors that help in ranking your websites.

You will learn how to use SEO techniques to make your keywords rank on Google.

This is the course module which actually helps you become an expert in SEO and how to rank websites on Google first page.

This is where we also re-learn and re-cap all that we have covered in the course so far.

You learn how to find easy keywords. You get the training on how to spot easy ranking opportunities and how to judge the keyword ranking difficulty levels.

SEO Link building Training with strategies to ultimately push for rankings

Linkbuilding is one of the most important part of search engine optimization. Links or link building process is that step that will actually take your website to its goal which is ranking.

You need to build links to your website to increase its authority and popularity on search engines so that your website starts ranking for the targeted keywords. These links are called backlinks and are very important factor for ranking of any website.

This section of our SEO Training Course will introduce you to off page SEO and linkbuilding. You will learn about the various techniques you can use to get backlinks for any website that you want to do SEO. You will know about the types of websites from where you can get backlinks for your website.

This course will give you training on how to start building backlinks for a new website.

The first part is how to find link building websites which actually in real life are linking to websites like yours.

The second part is the strategy on how to start link building and how to build links to increase your website authority (DA) and help your website rank higher for its targeted keywords.

SEO Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting Course Module

You are doing everything you need to do in SEO for a website and you are doing it in the right way too. But then what are the results? Is what all you are doing making a difference and making a website grow its traffic and improve rankings?

All this you know when you learn how to monitor your SEO work and progress. You get training on what metrics or factors you need to track and monitor. What these factors or parameters mean and say.

You also learn to do reporting. Your client also needs to know what you are doing for them and how their websites are growing. Reporting is that tool which is important in SEO and helps you communicate SEO work and its progress to your client.

Make SEO Roadmap SEO Training Institute in India

Know the SEO Institute (Delhi & Mumbai)

We are Make SEO Roadmap and we are an online SEO Institute in India. As an institute operating within the digital marketing industry and domain area, we focus purely and solely on search engine optimization.

The Make SEO Roadmap Institute provides online training in India.

Our Motto

We look forward and are working to establish and brand Make SEO Roadmap as an institute which offers most effective and best SEO learning and course content, in India. Then we aim to be the best provider of SEO course material and content across the world.

As an institute are committed to providing courses, content and learning material which covers search engine optimization in the best way for the learners. The way to make it effective is to make the SEO learning content easily understandable. The learners should be able to understand SEO concepts, basics and techniques easily and also understand how to apply the same to get results.

The Institute that teaches the BEST SEO

We teach search engine optimization in the best way. We aim to cover SEO extensively and also make it really simple for students and learners. There is no point in teaching SEO or any other digital marketing channel in a way that the learners are not able to understand, follow and apply it.

As an SEO teaching institute we are not teaching SEO to prove our expertise but to use our expertise in search engine optimization and convert our knowledge in SEO learning content which everyone can understand and apply.

Why we teach SEO at the Institute?

We only teach SEO. This is because, we are based on experience and expertise which are in doing search engine optimization. The other reason why we teach only SEO is that we are not teaching for the sake of just teaching.

We are teaching because we believe and have proved also (with results) that we have gained authority and expertise in one field which is SEO. This puts us in a strong position where we can teach the things, which we have learned and achieved, to many more learners.

We teach SEO (only) because we believe we can help learners become SEO professionals (and not just another few job seekers), because we can help them become SEO experts and to SEO in a more effective and better way.

We can help them understand SEO in a better way so that when they start doing it they are more knowledgeable, more aware and better prepared. And so they will be able to do SEO in a far better way.

Also, we believe it is much better to teach (and do) that thing or things only which you are good at. And not do all the things which you just have some knowledge and you think you can do.

And we also focus on and teach SEO because it is a wonderful professional field. It is a very good career option which has plenty of growth opportunities. There are many benefits of learning SEO which we have list below for you to read and know. SEO is one such field in online marketing which not only gives you opportunities to do wonderful things, grow but also opens up many doors and opportunities in digital marketing.

SEO Learning Tips from Make SEO Roadmap SEO Institute

If you are a beginner or even a working professional anywhere in India then aim to go further in your training. Do not settle for learning just the techniques. When you are doing SEO for your own website or for clients as a working professional then also aim to go further than just routine SEO tasks. Aim for higher goals and thereby learn much more practically and move towards building expertise in SEO.

Of course you need to start learning SEO with the fundamentals and then you go on to learn the techniques used in SEO.

Aim to learn as much as you can in SEO. Go deeper into SEO and master the use of SEO techniques from keyword research and on page optimization to writing better content and building backlinks.

I like to wish all the best to all the SEO learners and beginners across India. I wish you all have a wonderful career in search engine optimization or digital marketing.

India offers plenty of jobs and also opportunities to start your own SEO agency or do freelancing anywhere in India and even abroad. There are so many companies located here which constantly are looking for SEO services and need SEO professionals and experts.

So learn more and best in SEO and become a professional to serve huge client prospects in India. There are also many SEO or digital markeing companies where you can get your first job if you learn SEO the best way.

So, here is me, Kshitij Thakur from Make SEO Roadmap, wishing you all the best for your SEO career again.