SEO Consultant Kshitij Thakur with Expertise that Help Rank 2024

SEO Consultant Kshitij Thakur with Expertise that Help Rank 2024

SEO Consultant to Help your Business Grow with Rankings

It is not the search engine optimization or the techniques that deliver. It is how you do it and what you can do with it.

Do you want your business to really gain and benefit from search engines and the opportunities they provide for website traffic and growth?

Have you ever thought what Google is and what it provides?

It is the largest platform where billions of people search for what they want. And from there they visit the websites that provide what they are looking for.

Two very important factors make the traffic from Google more beneficial for the business website like yours.

The need for which they search. And the trust we (knowingly or unknowingly) put on Google results, which are websites like yours.

The question is, do you want that traffic to your business website?

Do you want to grow that traffic?

Do you want SEO system that has delivered that in the past and that is based on those results and is proven to help?

I achieved results in SEO and I can do it for your business too

I have been doing SEO for some good years now.

I did it for different websites and I have been doing it for my websites too.

More important than doing SEO for some years is how and what I learned from it.

That is how you move towards gaining better understanding. This is how you build knowledge, insights and improved skills.

This is how you understand how you can aim better for results.

This is the SEO I offer for your business that is based on the understanding built upon the results I achieved so far.

The SEO Consultant

I am Kshitij Thakur, SEO Consultant to bring ranking & traffic for your business in 2024.

I have been doing SEO for more than 7 years now.

I can help your business with my SEO understanding and expertise.

I can guide and drive your business website for more rankings and to get more traffic from search engines or Google.

Kshitij Thakur SEO 2024

My Ranking & Traffic Story

I started my digital marketing and SEO journey with my first website, market-width, about travel and tourism and more.

I learned website designing then I learned SEO and I also learned and did social media marketing. All on my own.

Even before I realized and strengthened my skills to rank, I had ranked my first site for many keywords. I was getting monthly traffic in few or couple of hundreds. And I was not doing much about it.

Meanwhile I built PurpalDzinz for digital marketing. I did a bit of SEO, web designing and social media. It also got listed as one of the best digital marketing agencies by few other websites, including from Sorav Jain.

However, I stopped. It was not giving results and satisfaction, even after I had ranked a client’s site on first page for their main keyword within 4 months.

Then one phone call changed everything and actually pushed me towards this skilful journey.

In few months I turned market-width from few hundred traffic per month to close to 15,000 visitors per month.

My one blog was ranking for more than 1,000 keywords. That is how I closed in on the year 2019. Ah, but along side came corona and hit my traffic. (Mind you it was not any algorithm haha).

That page is still ranking on first for my main keyword and many others, although I stopped building any links or updating any content.

It has been close to 3 years now. Still ranking.

I had written some more related blogs and content, after some time.

I started Make SEO Roadmap in 2016. It was meant to be an improved digital marketing site.

I made a decision to go full steam ahead at SEO and leave other digital marketing channels. Certainly it bore fruits.

I moved back to Make SEO Roadmap with improved skills, with insights. I wanted to do more, improve further. I now wanted to focus only on SEO.

Content was always my strong point as I come from a background of writing content for many different purposes including newpaper articles, summarizing news clippings, and writing company and detailed & analytical business research reports all by myself that were best selling in the company I was working.

It was this time I actually started writing good quality content. And made few of the difficult keywords rank too.

I ranked for Learn SEO Fast keyword with a KD of 62.

This is my current ranking for Importance of Website as on June 1, 2024.

And among all this going on I discovered a new keyword for the above page. I made some slight change in content to put a little focus on that LT keyword and resubmitted my page for re-indexing.

Damn Bamn! Without doing anything else I was ranking among the top few on the first page for that keyword. I think it was the next day.

All it took for this new keyword to rank was ONE DAY.

In between all this. One day I decided to look back to my first site keywords. And to my surprise, the new blogs and content that I had written but not done that much of promotion or link building were ranking too.

Building My Understanding in SEO as I Rank(ed)

Ranking on the first page for a keyword or for more keyword is certainly something to tell about.

But when you understand how you ranked or the steps which helped then you can say to have built SEO expertise.

Then this understanding and the steps can also be turned into a system that works and helps.

This is your real expertise which can be used and applied as an expert SEO Consultant for businesses.

Do you want to Rank your website? I can help

I can help you in ranking your business on Google.

I can help your website with a purposeful SEO that builds a strong and wide search engine presence with rank improvements.

I can help your business get traffic to its website from search engines.

SEO Consultant with Expertise

I am and work as an SEO consultant who has proven expertise in ranking and I provide consulting services.

I offer full scale SEO service suit for websites.

I bring expertise with my services and consultancy.

Those expertise come not as much from ranking few keywords but from understanding the process and what steps and strategies help.

I do not guarantee rankings and no real expert will. But you start to understand what is required to improve search engine positions of websites.

What I Can Do for You

As an SEO consultant with good quality of experience and some expertise, and having learned more from all that, this is what I do for you, in very simple words.

I aim to build a wider and stronger search engine presence of your business through your website.

This means doing full scale SEO with proper steps, more effectively and having some strategies to work with.

My most important KPI and goal as a consultant would be to bring ranking and traffic.

How I do SEO

Search engines are your market place. Here you have thousands of potential audience to reach out to. You have competitors too.

SEO is competitive marketing on search engines in its own unique way.

You need to improve and be better than your competitors to get traffic from search engines. You need to follow certain guidelines. There is a roadmap within which you need to improve and improvise.

This is one broad aspect of SEO.

The second one is this.

The most important and amazing thing about SEO is that there are plenty of opportunities which one can find to reach and connect with the same audience and with a larger audience.

This is how I approach my SEO as a consultant.

When you put time, investment and quality into SEO then every website can improve their performance through improved search engine positions.

And you need your research to find more opportunities and ways to get results.

You need to keep your users in mind all the time. You need to have content that is both, better than competition and relevant for users.

This way you reach your target audience, and many, on search engines, connect with them and bring them to your website.

This is generating traffic for a website. This is building and improving organic traffic from search engines.

I have my own system which I follow and my own style of working.

Google Ranking Expertise for Hire as SEO Consultant

What are Google Ranking Expertise and why you need it?

It is not saying that I will rank your website, and it is a guarantee.

It is more about having ranked many keywords and of different types too.

It is about being able to generate traffic for website with the help of ranking.

It is about aiming for ranking and knowing the steps to follow and what to do that could help more.

It is about knowing from experience how to follow each technique and step better and knowing what to do and to better prepare & optimize websites for ranking.

It is being able to do full scale SEO and do it better.

This is what Google Ranking Expertise are and this is what I do and offer.

This is the expertise you hire and this is why you hire my services.