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What is Make SEO Roadmap and what it stands for

We are Make SEO Roadmap. We became Make SEO Roadmap from Purpalyn ( which was founded in 2016.

We love and do SEO. We also help learners and beginners learn it in different ways.

What you find here and can walk through is journey and a roadmap.

How to go from a complete beginner wanting to learn all about search and optimization to becoming an expert and a consultant and ranking websites.

We represent a journey in itself in and about search engine optimization.

Purpalyn Digital was founded in the year 2016 by Kshitij Thakur as a blog. It was just a blog or a website and online place to write few things on SEO.

It was not long after the start that things started to happen.

Now we focus on SEO under the name Make SEO Roadmap.

Who is Kshitij Thakur


My name is Kshitij Thakur.

I am an Experimenter, Enthusiast by choice and, well, an Entrepreneur as a result.

I am also a blogger, SEO expert, and a consultant.

I am also a writer, content creator, SEO expert; and a blogger, and a digital marketing consultant.

Oh, I accidentally came into this digital and SEO field. Owning to my nature I continue to experiment and create something useful and better.

I am from a research background and love writing. Having worked with information, content, research for more than 12 years, I am now into this digital marketing and SEO field.

It excites and thrills me completely.

Creating Value with SEO

My journey of SEO started in 2014. Along the years my knowledge, experience and expertise grew.

Growth in numbers is never beneficial or meaningful unless it adds some value. That is what he believes in and that is why it took those many years.

Writing or building up a new blog site is not that difficult, and never that long or lengthy in terms or time taken.

If you can write then you can build a blog in few months’ time. Hire content writers and they will do it even faster. Go to any SEO services agency and they will promise you rankings for your blog and start building links.

But, where is the value !?

Kshitij wrote a new blog here only when he believed that it will create value. He wrote blogs only after thorough research, only after he knew he would create content that will be provide value to readers.

Perhaps this is the reason why he gets to rank blogs for hundreds and thousands of keywords, without building too many backlinks and without those “get backlinks from HIGH DA websites”.

So, this website is open for all learners and people who are interested in knowing more about search engine optimization.

What you can expect from Make SEO Roadmap and Kshitij Thakur here?

SEO for Beginners

For all the learners, Make SEO Roadmap can be the best website and platform for complete SEO learning.

We have many resources to learn search engine optimization for everyone. From a complete beginner to someone who just started their first jobs to working professionals. Everyone can learn something here.

If you are a beginner or even a professional in the field of search engine optimization or any other field of digital marketing, this complete, advanced and expert SEO training can be a great platform to learn how to rank keywords on Google. This can be your lifetime reference.

The only thing we aim with our complete course is to give you step by step expert training on SEO to help you learn how to do SEO like an expert and a professional.

Reach me

Email: courses [at] Make SEO Roadmapdigital [dot] com

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SEO for Businesses

In case you as a business wonder if you need SEO or not then what you should know is that every business can benefit from best optimizing their websites for search engines.

Every type of business has a good scope and opportunities to get relevant traffic from Google and other search engines.

This is because every person searches for information and products on Google, mainly.

This is a fact 99% true that every business can benefit from SEO. This is because people search on Google for almost everything and every product.

Majority of buying decisions start with and/or involves a Google search.

If you want to us to help you get organic traffic from Google and other search engines then you can hire SEO consulting expertise of Kshitij Thakur.

Doing SEO for your business means doing a more targeted & effective marketing through the largest online platform that can give you tons of traffic and regularly.

And so with SEO your websites starts ranking on Google you start getting regular traffic, which even grows over time with right strategies.

This takes your business in front of right audience who are also visiting your website. And this is best way to grow your business with many lead prospects.

Do you need help with SEO? Get in touch.

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Email: kshitijt [at] Make SEO Roadmapdigital [dot] com

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Just a bit about Digital Marketing

This space here is where I share my experience and learning of SEO with a tint of digital marketing with more and more people. Through my blogs, tutorials, guides and courses I want to share my knowledge and what I keep learning in this dynamic and vast field of digital marketing and especially the search engine optimization.

This online marketing is THE marketing platform of present and future. This is where every business and every type of organization will be, and most of these are. It is also a great field to learn and make a career. This is not only because it is trending and it is the future.

The real thing, which also excites me and many like me, is the opportunity to learn, do and experiment with so many things.

Search engine optimization and social media are two areas where learning, experimenting and achieving new milestones and wonders never stops.

Content marketing is another area which is comparatively little less explored yet is a part of SEO, social media and the entire digital marketing, in one way or another, in a big or way or playing a small but meaningful part.

One of the things which has often been a part of my approach is Questioning and Experimenting. It leads to learning more and knowing more.

Find your own way of learning and you find your way of growing.

Yearning to be different may not always yield benefits and make you stand out. You have to think and ask yourself, "Whether by being different, am I any better than the rest?" And before being different and better, one needs to be worthy and competitive.

Cheers to Learning and Growing!!!