Learn SEO Fast Right From Scratch (Know All Steps in One Day)

How to learn SEO fast from scratch? It is quite easy and you can learn so much in just one day or in one hour in fact.

Learning SEO fast is all about having a practical & easy to learn roadmap or approach starting from scratch for beginners.

This practical approach makes it easy for beginners to learn & understand as well, and gives you the professional eyes and angle instantly.

You will start noticing the details in the search engine result pages (keywords rather than the plain text), how are they all optimized and what all goes behind reaching the first page.

All in A Day. Step-by-step, practically and easy.

Learn SEO Fast Right From Scratch (Know All Steps in One Day)

Why Learn SEO

The reason why beginners learn SEO is that it is a profession which is in demand and valued by all the companies.

And it will remain in demand & highly valued.

This is because SEO is much needed marketing skill that we all or most companies need in this online world.

SEO is one of the most important ways of digital marketing.

And you need to learn SEO because as a skill it can add so much value to your profession or career.

You see the worth of SEO as it proves to be the most effective online marketing channels.

SEO brings much relevant online traffic among all channels. It can also help generate much higher conversion rates among all types of online traffic that we get from digital marketing.

This is how SEO works.

And know this.

SEO is important for business marketing and growth online and this is why you need to learn it.

And therefore, SEO offers excellent career opportunities and growth.

Learning SEO Helps You Learn Digital Marketing

Many beginners ask if they should learn SEO or digital marketing?

Now you can learn both easily. All you need to do is learn search engine optimization complete & best and start applying it.

This way you will also learn much more than the basics of digital marketing.

SEO Helps You Learn Digital Marketing Easily

And yes, SEO is the fastest gateway to learning digital marketing.

Here is How.

You do not just learn SEO you also learn many more things with it.

First. You learn the value and importance of website as I did. As you start practicing it you get to know about the basic HTML and CSS codes. This can help you further learn website designing.

We extensively use keyword research in SEO. It helps us understand what are keywords and why these are important.

This helps you learn PPC which is the paid way to rank website on search engines.

And when you build expertise in SEO then you also start using social media. It is still debatable if social media helps in SEO yet it is widely used to promote new content and get it in front of new visitors.

And so you get to learn how to use social media.

Therefore learning SEO is much beneficial as it helps you start digital marketing as you learn the basics of other digital marketing techniques.

Rewards of Learning SEO

Learning SEO provides many benefits for all types of learners.

Here are the rewards you get from learning search engine optimization.

  • You can build a growing career
  • You can start your own agency
  • You can make your blog website get traffic
  • You can help any website grow and get traffic
  • You can learn the skill and grow your business or startup website
  • This skill is a faster route to learning and doing digital marketing

It is quite right to say that SEO works to help business in growth. It is a very effective way of marketing. And this is why SEO is important for business. You can do your business marketing and make your products and services reach the right audience and get valuable leads for your business.

And within the digital marketing profession, I strongly believe SEO skilled professionals demand better respect. Because you know & can do much more than just optimization.

That is what SEO consultants can do for a business or a company website.

Who Can Learn SEO?

Any talk about learning SEO cannot be complete or can be started without talking about the learners of SEO. If you are here then are an SEO learner. And there is a reason why you want to learn search engine optimization.

That reason for learning is important and you should understand it. You have certain needs and some goals as a learner. When you understand your reasons, needs & goals then you take the right path and get the right learning.

There can basically be three types of learners:

  1. Those who are looking for a SEO course for job & careers – Job Seekers
  2. Those interested in learning SEO online for learning & growth – Career Advancement
  3. Those looking to learn SEO for their website or business – Business or Website Owners

Job seekers

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are a fresher and looking for an SEO course to get your first job and start a career. Career is usually the secondary objective at this time, job is the main goal. What will really help you at this stage is learn more, learn thoroughly & seriously and learn with sincerity. Your job and whole career may depend upon how much and how well you know SEO.

Career Advancement

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are already working, in SEO, in other digital marketing fields or some related area. You want to learn more in SEO and advance your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Website Owners

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are mostly experienced with many having entrepreneurial experience too. You may be a business person, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a website owner, or running your ecommerce site. There could be few reasons for you to learn SEO, however, you want to use SEO as a tool to market your business website or blog.

Process of Learning SEO

How do we learn SEO? We learn SEO as a three step process.

The first step is to know about the basics of SEO.

The second step is to learn the techniques which we use to do SEO.

The third step is to learn to apply the techniques which also helps to learn how SEO works.

These are also the stages of learning SEO which every beginner goes through.

Stages of Learning SEO

There are two stages of learning SEO actually.

  • SEO Basics
  • SEO Techniques
  • Practical SEO Learning

Beginners SEO Learning Curve From Scratch To Expertise

How do beginners start learning SEO? This is the learn SEO beginners roadmap.

There is a journey, a pattern, a process which beginners typical go through when they start learning SEO.

You can remember these points as your formula or roadmap to help you learn SEO faster and more effectively as you start practising it.

Here is the SEO learning roadmap that beginners typically follow.

This roadmap formula will help you cover the learning journey steps and stages a little faster.

  • Understand What is SEO
  • Understand the Basics
  • Learn the Fundamentals
  • Learn the Techniques of SEO
  • Learn to Practice SEO Techniques
  • Refine and Improve Practicing each Technique
  • Learn Importance of Each Step & technique of SEO
  • Practice Complete SEO Step by Step
  • Monitor & Analyze Performance
  • Observe, Improve & Start Targeting Ranking
  • Learn to Wait, Give it Time & Be Patient
  • Know that there are different ways to do each step (this you learn as you practice)
  • Discuss your learning & progress
  • Ask questions, find your gaps, find answers online or with friends
  • Think over the answers & suggestions
  • Implement, Improve & learn more
  • Know that each step, technique, implementation & improvements take time to bring results
  • Quality always matter more over quantity
  • Things improve over time when you apply the techniques and practise the steps

SEO Learning Tips (Mantras) for Beginners

Practice is real learning to be a professional. Aim to learn more & improve your skills with practice

Every expert was a beginner but they practiced, made mistakes, observed, implemented and learned more

Roadmap of SEO Skills for Beginners to Learn

Building your SEO skills is one important step-by-step roadmap for beginners as they begin to learn.

Gaining knowledge is important. It is your foundation. Then you need to build your skills with the help of practical SEO knowledge.

How to learn SEO skills? That means learning how to do the techniques and learning it properly and accurately.

This is how to learn search engine optimization faster and effectively.

This is what you will understand in this guide.

Essential SEO Skills For Beginners

Here is the list of search engine optimization skills you need to learn as your beginners roadmap.

  • What is Technical SEO Optimization
  • Opening Google Accounts
  • Submit your site to Google
  • How to Make Mobile Friendly Website
  • Improve Website Speed
  • Know What are Keywords
  • What is Keyword Research
  • How to Find Keywords with Research
  • What is On Page SEO Optimization
  • How to Use Keywords in Title
  • How to Use Keywords in H1
  • How to Use Keywords in URL
  • Write Proper Meta Description For Your Keyword
  • How to Use Keywords in Content
  • Content Writing and Optimization
  • What are Backlinks
  • How to Build Links
  • Track your performance
  • Learn to use SEO Tools

Know How To Learn SEO Fast

How Fast Can You Learn SEO?

You can learn SEO pretty fast with our ultimate beginners roadmap.

If you are a beginner then in less than an hour today you will get a good grasp of SEO.

And you will know what SEO covers, the techniques which you need to learn further to practice.

This guide will turn you from a beginner to a person with sound understanding and knowledge of SEO in just an hour.

We even got a 2 minute guide to help you understand SEO practically using just a simple search in Google or any other search engine.

Can I Learn SEO in One Day?

Yes. You can surely learn much of SEO in one day, but not everything.

This SEO beginners roadmap can be the ultimate proof of how much one can learn in SEO in just one day, or in just one hour.

But when you consider a day as 24 hours of reading and understanding then sure you can learn the basics well, learn about the techniques and what we do in it.

And with right resources and approach you can definitely reduce your overall learning time from months to weeks or even days.

We give you important lessons and things in SEO which you can learn in just one day.

This is how fast you can learn SEO.

It is all about making that day count in terms of learning and understanding.

And the right roadmap with right topics explained properly definitely helps.

This is what this how to learn SEO fast roadmap is all about. You can learn all this at your home.

Once you have done that you can move on to practising all that, which for sure takes much more time.

Still, if you have your website then you can learn and practice many of the SEO steps you can do in one day like opening Google accounts, creating your sitemap, submitting your site, finding your main keyword, learning & using key on page techniques. You can even build few basic links in the same day.

We share the 9 basic steps of search engine optimization for beginners to follow and practice as a resource as the first step in our beginners roadmap of how to learn SEO practically.

How to Learn SEO in One Day

The goal of learning SEO is to build skills. And to learn it fast means to learn and understand it easy.

That is the goal of this guide. Help you learn SEO fast easy starting today only and help you build skills.

Make your first day of SEO learning count. This is how to learn SEO fast & effective.

Here is how to learn SEO in one day. All practical and easy.

  • Quick understanding of SEO techniques (in minutes)
  • Basics about SEO
  • How Search Engines work & how SEO helps
  • Practical process of how we do SEO (fast, effective & easy way to learn techniques)
  • How to start doing SEO today if you have a website (practical step-by-step tutorial for beginners)

SEO Basics for Beginners

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

SEO is the practice of improving search position and ranking of a website within the organic results of search engines for searches or queries relevant and related to website content.

It is how we step-by-step optimize a website to improve ranking and build visibility in front of more and more targeted search users.

People go to search engines to find answers and information about different topics, products, services and businesses.

Search engines present websites which have content or information relevant to all the queries people search for.

Search engines like Google present an organized list of websites for each query.

The pages which you see as search results displaying list of websites are called search engine result pages (SERP).

The organized list of websites in the SERP is actually based on a system of ranking all those websites for each query.

This ranking is based on several factors and parameters which aim to evaluate relevancy & usefulness of the content of the page that is ranked.

The trust, authority, popularity of each listed website and other such factors are also considered.

Based on all these parameters these websites are ranked and presented for the users.

SEO is established as that process and practice where we optimize a website looking at these parameters as guidelines with the aim to improve its ranking on search engines.

This is ranking a website with SEO to build organic visibility on search engines.

Read more here.

Now look from the side of businesses.

Businesses want to target these searchers as they have content and information which people are searching on Google or other search engines.

When you learn SEO you learn how to optimize a website to target certain search queries and improve rankings to help it be seen by people who are using those search queries.

This is how you build your search visibility and get organic traffic.

This is what SEO does for a business and how you help their websites improve search position and reach the first page.

Read more here.


SEO helps to which builds search engine visibility and ranking.

This means it is an organic marketing technique for search engines to build and increase website views and traffic.

There are two ways for a website to use search engines to connect with these searchers.

Paid and organic. SEO often also called organic SEO.

Any website can place ads on search engines using those keywords which are useful for that website or company.

This is called PPC or pay per click paid search engine placement. Here you pay for every click you get from your search engine placement.

Search engine optimization does the same thing but through an elaborate and long process of optimization.

This is the organic way to list your website on search engines. This is a more permanent listing and placement.

As long as you have your website and it has content that continues to serve its audience well and your website remains trusted by the search engines and the users it will remain on search engines, without paying a single dime for it.

Organic Search Engine Rankings

What SEO does is it helps us build organic search engine rankings.

Our website gets listed and ranked as and within organic search engine results.

For organic listings, search engines keep evaluating or revisiting all the websites that it has indexed to check on various quality and relevance parameters.

As long as websites keep maintain their level of quality and relevance they maintain their search indexing, visibility and placements.

And as they improve upon the various factors they also improve their search positions and go higher on search engine placements.

This is ranking on search engines. This is what we aim to achieve with search engine optimization of a website.

SEO is a step by step process of optimization techniques.

During the evolution of SEO along with search engines, these steps become the accepted techniques of SEO which experts and professionals practice.

Website and Content are Your Important Platforms

The number one reason why websites are important is because they help your business go online.

And that is why you need to give proper attention to your website for search engine optimization.

Most of your SEO tasks are done on your website only.

Equally important is your content.

Your website can serve no purpose if it does not have good content. This is the importance of content in website.

Techniques of SEO for Beginners

SEO is all about the techniques we practice to optimize a website for search engines.

This is what SEO covers and this is how you learn it.

What are SEO Keywords?

Your keywords are those words or phrases or terms which represent your content and your page. These are those important words that define the content that you write on your page.

Keywords are also the words or terms which people use when they search on Google and other search engines.

So, when it comes to learning SEO your keywords become very important.

Because it is these words that people will use to find your website. And it is these words that you want to target and rank for, so that people searching you on Google can find your website.

Check out this resource.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimizing a website.

Keyword research is the process where you find the important words, terms and phrases that are relevant for your website.

This is your research process to find your keywords that help your website connect with searchers who are looking for websites like yours on Google and other search engines.

This is how you start doing SEO, hence you learn about it first.

What you find with this research is keywords and phrases which are relevant for a business and its website.

These are the word or phrases you will be optimizing your website for. These are key terms around which you will be writing content and optimizing it to make your keywords rank higher on search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means optimizing various technical aspects of a website to improve its functioning, accessibility by search engines, and user experience. We do technical SEO optimization to ensure better & smoother crawling and therefore better indexing which helps a website in improving its organic rankings.

Every website has many technical aspects which are optimized and these are not that difficult to understand and do. Sometimes it is also about correcting the technical errors of a website.

Few basic and important technical optimization factors are:

  1. Improving website speed
  2. Submitting sitemap to search engines
  3. Making website mobile friendly
  4. URL optimization
  5. Internal and external links

On Page Optimization

On Page SEO is called on page optimization. It means optimizing your content to better target your keywords and improve their rankings. So, optimization is about using your keywords on your pages. It can also be called as keywords optimization.

You do not and cannot just put your keywords directly on the page. And you cannot use them randomly in your content.

You also write your whole content or optimize it which means rewriting or rephrasing it to suit and match your keywords.

There are three key places where we use our keywords on each of our web pages.

These are your Title tag, URL, and your header tags. The size header tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

Link Building

Off page SEO is all what we do in search engine optimization which is not directly or anyway done on our website or content. Building links is the most important part of off page.

These are called the backlinks and are one of the most important factors which make your website rank in search engines.

Backlinks give your website authority and visibility on the Internet. This authority helps your website rank higher for the targeted keywords.

What you do here is follow various link building techniques or practices. These techniques are ways to create or get backlinks from other websites. These techniques are also various approaches of building links.

Listing your business or website on business listing sites, creating profiles on various social media and profiling websites, writing articles on other websites, are all few popular and basic techniques of linkbuilding.

How You Can Start Learning SEO Techniques?

How Beginners Start Learning SEO Techniques from Scratch

SEO Classes

This is the first approach and the very obvious way that comes to mind for all the freshers. All SEO beginners who have just completed their studies and want to learn SEO to get a job and start a career in search engine optimization field look for nearby SEO institutes to attend classes and learn about search engine optimization.

There are however two important things that a learner and beginner in search engine optimization needs to look at.

ONE, Institutes are location based. Learning through classes from institutes is therefore location based. This means that you are always going to prefer an institute near to your home. Not all the institutes near your home may be the best in teaching SEO.

TWO, you will always have to support your learning through supplementary online studies. This is because of the very nature of search engine optimization profession. As a professional field SEO requires you to look at how the theory is applied and used. So to master anything in SEO you need to go, look and search online.

Learning SEO Free Online

One can learn SEO online and free. There are so many websites and blogs which talk about SEO. They cover many things on search engine optimization from basics to the techniques and some even talk about advanced strategies.

There are, however, two problems in learning this way, especially for beginners. First, you may not know these websites and blogs. Second, even when you do know, it may take quite a bit of time to go through various blogs and guides and tutorials.

When you are just starting learning you do not know much on SEO. Therefore, you may not be able to find all the resources and know which ones are best.

However, this changes one you start working and develop a good understanding and are in constant touch with online reading. You then know who and which resources to follow, which are more relevant and best.

Complete SEO Training Online

If you want to take it from horse's mouth then you should get a proper training in search engine optimization from an expert.

You can start learning complete SEO with an advanced training.There are paid online courses which go from beginner to advanced and are a complete masterclass for learners.

Many experience professionals provide online courses.

Learn SEO On Your Own

You can also learn SEO on your own. This is practical learning where you start learning by applying the techniques.

That is when you know how SEO works for a business website. You learn about many practical aspects which you do not learn in theory or you see how they actually work in real life.

The best start is to learn the techniques and steps of SEO.

How Do You Learn SEO Practically?

Learning on the Job

Many people learn many things on the job and search engine optimization can also be learned while on the job. It is possible when you have colleagues doing SEO work in your office and you can start learning from them.

This also means that you are either working in an digital marketing or SEO consultancy or agency. Or you working in a company which has its own in house SEO team or have hired one or two SEO experts.

Learning by Practice on Your Own Website

Whatever way you take, you need to start practicing it as early as possible. Practice is the best way of learning.

There are people who straight away jump to learning search engine optimization or digital marketing or other things by applying it or practicing it.

You can have a website and start practicing it on it.

You can learn website designing along with search engine optimization.

If you did not know, SEO can be the best digital marketing roadmap for beginners.

Or one could directly go for an apprenticeship in a company if such positions are available.

There is another way. If you have a friend, relative or a known person who is an expert consultant then you can spent some time with him or her and observe and also start practising it.

Still, it is better to have some knowledge of SEO.

Learn SEO On Your Own Website

If you have a website of your own then it becomes little easy to learn and practice SEO on your own website.

This is because SEO is more practical than theoretical. It is much easier and faster to learn when you already have a website with content or blogs. All you need to do is understand and apply.

And to guide you through the steps as beginners here is our tutorial which teaches the basic steps of SEO practically for beginners.

SEO is the step by step website optimization process.

And all the techniques of SEO are best learned in a practical way.

One reason according to me why people take time to learn SEO is that they do not start practicing the website SEO steps to see how the techniques work.

This is how I learned SEO on my travel website which helped me build my expertise.

How to Learn SEO Superfast from Scratch Today in 2 Steps

Learn About SEO in 2 Minutes Fast & Practically With Google Search

SEO where to begin learning it?

Here is your 2 minute practical guide.

As we explained search engine optimization means to build visibility on search engines in front of people who search for information there.

Building this SEO visibility begins with knowing your audience. This audience are the people who you want should read your content.

We target these people by the searches they make on search engines.

So, SEO begins with search.

This is how it works.

You wanted to learn SEO and you begin with searching Google, Bing or any other search engine.

What you typed was a query. You may have typed “Learn SEO”. Someone else would search for “How to learn SEO”. These are queries.

There are hundreds and thousands who search for queries like this.

Now I want people like you to read my guide. So I target the queries all those people search for.

These queries become my keywords. These are my SEO keywords.

When I target these keywords, I target people who are interested in learning SEO.

Now, how do I target your search queries?

And I want to make my page useful and relevant to those readers.

For this I need to optimize my page for those queries or keywords.

You read through the results on the search engine page after entering your keyword.

What you read was the on page optimization techniques which I and other top ranking websites followed.

Also, on page optimization techniques helps search engines to understand what I am writing about.

Search engines need to know and understand that my page is talking about learning SEO and it is helping readers learn SEO.

This is why on page optimization is important.

On page optimization techniques teaches you how and where to use your keywords properly to help both search engines and your users know that this page helps searchers learn about SEO.

Content is what all you read on the page. From written words to images, everything is content.

To help my page reach the top of the search results, I would need to build some backlinks.

Backlinks are a link from another website to my website or page.

If I write some article on another website and link the content back to my page using some text then it is a backlink.

Mentioning my website using my URL or domain on a business or blog listing website or in a profile I create for my website on another site, are examples of backlinks.

I need such backlinks to help my website and pages rank higher for their targeted keywords.

This is what SEO is all about in brief and practically.

Now you can learn all these using Google search and see how these techniques look and work practically.

Let's begin learning SEO practically in few minutes.

How to Learn Keyword Research with Google

You just need to start typing any query in Google.

As you start typing the search engine will show you suggestions.

This is how you can know the popular and relevant search keywords for your website.

Once you type your query and press enter go to the bottom of the page.

It will show you related queries.

These are search terms that are closely related to the query you typed.

These terms help you get more idea about your main keyword and what it means.

How to Learn On Page Optimization with Google Search Results

Now look at the search results.

These are the top ranking websites for your query.

In each of the search results you will find three entries.

The first line in small letter that starts with the domain name is the URL.

The blue bold line that typically follows is the Title of the web page.

At the last is a small paragraph of 2-3 lines. This is meta description.

These three are the key on page optimization techniques.

These are the three areas where you can use your keywords as your users will see these three entries and decide whether your page is relevant and best to answer their search query.

When you look at each result you can figure out how to use your main keyword.

Content Writing

Now you can click on few of these results.

What you will read at those pages is the content.

This is the content that is ranked top for the query you typed and for the keyword that you want to target.

You can get a good idea how to cover your keyword and how to write content for your keyword and your page.

This is really fast way to start learning SEO in just one day. All it takes is couple of hours or even less to learn the basics of search engine optimization with a simple Google search.

Learn How To Do SEO Practically Step by Step

How Search Engines Work And Why We Need SEO To Get Organic Traffic

What Search Engines Offer?

Google as a search engine offers facility to search anything.

Google is the platform where people search for many things from information to products to reviews and opinions.

Google has become the largest search engine where you can find almost everything.

So, people search. There are billions of searches on Google everyday.

Google and other search engines have a long history which says about evolution of SEO.

Search Engines Present Information

The goal of Google as the largest search engine is to present the best of information or content or the results to all the searchers.

Google presents the best information and answers for every query by taking out the best websites or content from its database. It uses hundreds of parameters to evaluate best and most relevant content for the qeuries.

The results which Google presents are always the answer to these respective queries.

We Search Using Queries

All the searches are made when we type in some words for the information we want to find.

Searches in Google and other search engines are made using queries. Whatever you search there becomes a query.

You Need to Target These Queries

So, when we do SEO for any website, all that we are doing is target these queries.

When we target these queries, we actually target the set of users who use such queries.

This is how we are able to find, target, reach and connect with our set of relevant audience, by targeting queries which are related to what content or information our website has or offers.

To target these queries you need SEO for your website

How do you target search queries on Google? The only way to target these queries is when your website appears as one of the results.

There is the complete SEO step-by-step process for that.

This is how SEO helps you target the searchers who are seeking information on search engines that your website already provides.

This is how SEO helps your website target relevant searchers and build organic and relevant traffic for your website.

Now Learn the Process of SEO Step by Step

We do SEO as a step-by-step process.

This is the effective way of doing SEO.

You learn SEO fast and easy if you learn SEO like we do it as the step-by-step process effectively

Your website needs to be on Google first

How do you target search queries on Google? The only way to target these queries is when your website appears as one of the results.

There is the complete SEO step-by-step process for that.

But what is the first and the most important step in that?

You need to have your website on Google search.

What this means?

Google should know that you have a website.

Google should include your website in its database. Yes it has a database of millions of websites and billions of web pages.

The search results you see or the websites you see in the search results come from the database only.

What you need to do for this?

SEO - Where To Begin?

What do you need to start SEO for a new website?

You need the two Google accounts.

With these accounts you begin your SEO and carry it all the way through.

Google Search Console or GSC and Google Analytics (GA).

Remember this. For every websites you need to create these two accounts.

You will be needing and using these two accounts as long as you do SEO for that website.

This is how you start.

You open GSC and then add your website.

Then with the help of GA account you add the tracking code to all the pages of your website.

After this you submit your sitemap in GSC so that Google knows all your pages.

All the data and tracking of your pages in GSC is done through that tracking code in every page.

For proper indexing of your website and pages you need to do few more things. These are also part of technical SEO optimization of your website.

You need to submit it to Google

The first step of doing SEO is submitting your website to Google.

When you do SEO for a new website then how do you tell the search engines that hey please look at my site, I want to rank it.

The best way of doing this which is also recommended by Google and SEO experts too is to submit your sitemap.

A sitemap is an XML file which lists all your web pages.

When you submit your sitemap then with it you can submit all your pages at once to Google and other search engines.

What happens then?

Google reads your web pages

Once you submit your sitemap to Google then it will read your pages.

After it reads your pages then it categorizes your pages as relevant for different topics.

This way search engines know about your pages and cover these in their databases.

There is a process to include web pages in database

Google follows a systematic process to add or include new web pages and websites in its database.

What is this process and how it works?

Crawling and indexing.

Google has crawlers or spiders which crawl or read new web pages and also re-visit the already indexed ones.

There are steps or stages to getting web pages indexed.

This can be the typical process of indexing:

First it is discovered by Google

Then it is crawled

After this and within due time it is indexed

Your website needs to be mobile friendly

We already know there is a growing trend of using Mobiles while surfing the internet. Day by day more and more searches are made on Mobiles.

Google also considers how good your website looks on a mobile device.

In fact Google has in recent past made mobile indexing as a priority.

This means that it indexes your website for mobiles first.

This is mobile first indexing.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it will have issues in getting indexed.

In fact, Google has two types of crawlers.

One type is smartphone crawler.

The other type is desktop crawler.

What this means is your website is indexed for smartphones or mobile based searches and for desktop based searches.

Your website also needs to be fast loading

The other thing which you need for proper search engine presence and indexing too is to have a fast loading site and pages.

If your website is too slow then search console will show all the slow loading pages with errors under its Experience Tab.

This Experience Tab mainly evaluates the user experience or UX by analysing performance of pages on key parameters of Core Web Vitals.

These errors can decrease your traffic and affect your rankings in the long run.

Now, when your website is all set for search engines and is indexed then we go forward to next stage of how to target search engine queries.

This was the basic of technical SEO.

Why we do this as step first is that it takes time for a new website to get submitted and start getting tracked by search engines.

And while Google does this you can utilize the waiting time to start with the next step, which is Keyword Research and further SEO planning.

You will need keywords

We said that Google categorizes websites and web pages in its database as part of indexing.

The pages are categorized for different types of searches or queries.

How will Google know or figure out the categories under which it should keep your websites? What categories or topics or queries are more relevant for your pages?

As and when the crawlers of Google notice certain important words in the content of a web page and thereby understands what all the content is talking about it indexes that page and its content for all those words.

These words are the keywords.

That is why keywords are important for your SEO.

We need to use these keywords in our content to tell Google what are we talking about. For example, is your page about a product or service or an information blog. Then what product, service is it about or what topic your blog is about.

Keyword Research is how you find your keywords

In order to tell search engines what are we really talking about we need to find keywords at the very start of search engine optimization for a website.

This process of finding keywords is called keyword research.

Keyword Research is the step to put your SEO in the right direction

Keyword Research is very important in SEO.

This is the step, the technique and the stage where you do planning as well as execution of how and where your SEO is going to go.

It is like finding or creating your own direction and path so that you do not get lost in the jungle.

Keyword Research is the technique and the complete process which tells each website who their audience are on Google, how they can target and reach them.

Do Your Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the platform from where you start your SEO for a website.

Keyword Research means researching your keywords. This is the step, technique and the process where find keywords for your website.

The goal is to find the keywords which you want to target on your website and its pages.

Your keywords should target audience relevant to your business

Can an E-Commerce business SEO target local store based keywords? Or worse target products which it is not selling at all?

How would you find an ecommerce website selling online

Your keywords need to be relevant to your business.

The keywords you need to find and select should match the type of your business, the products and services you offer.

And when you want to expand to the related topics or keywords then also these should be relevant.

You need to tell Google which keywords you are targeting

Now you have your list of keywords for each page. You know which topic your pages would be and which are the keywords that each of that page will be targeting.

But, how do you make sure that the content of each page points correctly and in the best way to that keyword? How do you properly target your keywords for each page? And how do you make sure that the right keyword or keywords are indexed for each page and how to make sure that you are setting them up rightly for rankings?

On Page SEO Optimization Shows Your Content Focus

On Page SEO is like dressing up properly for an occasion. Right keywords and content at the right places is what OnPage optimization does.

Yes, you need to use your keywords on every page. But using your keywords just anywhere will not bring the result.

Imagine reading newspaper article which has no headlines.

This is why there are specific places which tell a reader what the content is about.

When you do SEO the same logic applies.

This is what on page SEO techniques do, help to optimize & use your keywords. Here you learn how to use keywords properly on a web page, at the right places which matter more and in content.

The better you optimize better you help your keywords rank

There are few important places where you can and should use your keywords. The reason for this is that this gives your user a very idea about what the page is about. They can instantly and easily understand what they should expect to read or find on the page.

These are the Title, the URL and the H1 (this is the main header tag on a page).

How do you use your keywords in these three places? By looking at the purposes each of these serve.

URL is the name of the page. The name has to be relevant.

Title is what tells searchers what the page is going to talk about and what all it is about. It introduces a searcher to the topic.

H1 is the main heading of your page. It is like a second Title but it is on the main page and in the content.

Looking at the three purposes you should use your keywords accordingly.

Apart from the three important places there other places too where you can use your keywords. Keywords are also used in content (avoiding over use or stuffing of any keyword).

There are many other factors and techniques which on page SEO covers and can be used to improve the content, user experience and especially to help the targeted keywords rank.

We talked about H1 and that you need to use your keyword in this primary header tag. However there are five more header tags which can be used on the page and are can be optimized as part of on page SEO.

You can (or should) use H1 only once on any page and in the content.

So, if you want to tell Google that you are focusing on few keywords then what do you do?

You make use of these other five header tags which are H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

H2 is the one that is used most by SEOs and can be used few times in the page.

After this there are images and other media files which we use in the content. These are also optimized for each page. There are two ways of optimization of images and media files here. And these two optimization types help improve user experience and help in keywords targeting and ranking.

Optimize the image itself

Optimize the how you use images in content

Images also rank on Google and should be optimized

Optimizing the image means to use properly sized image and other media files like videos. The size of an image matters. Too large or too small images do not give best user experience and are not good in terms of designing. Too large images also impact the speed of the overall website which is not good for its SEO.

Optimizing the use of images in content is another thing. When an image is used in content then search engines do not read and understand the images. Users can see the images but you need to make Google understand the use of that image in any particular section of content.

For this the HTML codes used for images have an option of describing briefly what the image is about. This is used in the tag called as alt tag. It is a short form of alternate text tag.

We can use a short sentence about the image in this tag. This tells Google and other search engines that this image talks about and is related to this topic or subject.

It is also advised to use your keywords within these tags for each particular image. The alt tag is another part of on page SEO optimization or image optimization.

You need to write content

You need to create or learn to create content for a website. It could be blogs or content about companies and products. You can start with your website for practice.

Start writing content focusing on your keywords. Take one keyword at a time and write blog or pages on that.

Content plays a very important role in ranking. Its importance in search visibility and rankings has been increasing continuously.

If you can develop a practice and skill of writing user friendly and keyword specific content then it will help in your search engine optimization a great deal. Write content in natural language without over focusing on your keywords. Your language needs to be simple eight grade English.

Your pages need to be submitted again

I know you have submitted your sitemap and your pages are showing on Google.

Do you know you can use this simple way to find which pages are indexed on Google?

Just search on Google for your website this way.


For example, if I had to find indexed pages of Purpalyn and how they look at Google then I would search for:


Coming back.

Once you have written content for a page, optimized it with keywords and with on page techniques and are ready to target your selected keywords then you need to submit your URL to Google.

Go to search console. Paste your page URL in the bar on the top saying Inspect any URL, and press enter.

There you will see a button asking for Request Indexing.

Now you need to power up your website

Now you are all set for targeting your selecting keywords on search engines. Google also knows about your pages and your targeted keywords.

Are you done then?

Will your website start ranking on Google?


You need to power up your website.

For this you need to learn link building techniques.

Off Page SEO and Link Building is the step to build website authority, trust, relevance, reach and popularity

Whatever you have or have created or built, you need to take it people.

You need to build authority and power of your website so that your keywords start getting search impressions on Google and then with time improve their rankings.

Off Page SEO and Link Building is a set of techniques and activities which you do to make people know that you have this website and you want it to reach many more people and searchers.

Link Building is a part of Off Page SEO . It is one of the offpage techniques which is perhaps the most important one.

What we do in Off Page SEO and specifically in Link Building is like marketing. All the activities are done away from our website.

The aim is to make people know your website, make people and other websites connect to you. This way you help as many people on the internet know about your site and visit it.

And when you aim to get a mention of your website and more preferably get a link back from another website to your website then it comes under Link Building.

Every backlink you create gives your website that power.

You need to now start this very important step and technique of SEO.

To learn search engine optimization complete and as a professional you need to learn few more things.

These are what most people call as Advanced SEO.

And these are types of SEO, techniques, concepts, insights and better way of doing SEO when you begin your career and start doing website SEO.

Learn to use SEO Tools

SEO Tools play important role. The first and few of the most important tools are Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) tools.

Then there are many free, fermium and paid tools. These SEO tools make your day to day tasks easier. They also help in specific tasks from keyword research to optimization, content & linkbuilding and even for social media.

But yes, you do not always need these tools. And GSC and GA tools can give you lot many metrics and parameters and data points to track and monitor your SEO progress.

Learn Advanced SEO and Rank Keywords

When it comes to learning SEO quick then this is one question which everyone asks when they become professional and start doing SEO for websites. How to rank a keyword fast. Ranking faster is a whole approach and it is like re-learning SEO with better understanding & insights.

The another important thing to learn about ranking is know why your keywords are not yet ranking as they should be on Google search how to improve rankings of those keywords.

Learning SEO FAQs

How Long It Takes to Learn SEO

How long does it take to learn SEO? In how much time can you learn & master all the things there are to make you a complete professional in search engine optimizing a website.

This is the basis that we take when we go on to discuss and explain the time taken learning search engine optimization.

Therefore, to properly analyse the time it can take to learn search engine optimization we will go through the right process or steps a beginner goes through or should take to learn SEO from scratch.

When beginners want to learn search engine optimization from the very start then they go through this typical process.

These are the stages of how to learn SEO from the scratch.

  • Understand SEO
  • Learn to do SEO
  • Getting Good at Doing SEO

You need to go through these stages of learning to become an SEO professional or expert.

1. Learning the basics of SEO

2. Learning SEO fundamentals & techniques

3. Learning how to do SEO practically

4. Learning how it actually works

So, the time it takes to learn SEO also depends upon what level you want to reach or achieve.

Yes. All this can take some time which also depends upon the learner and type of resources. Yet it is not difficult it is to learn.

And yes, all this is worth to learn as this is what makes a beginner a professional and even an expert.

How much time it will take to learn SEO like this?

Mastering SEO has two stages.

One is learning the basics and the techniques.

Second is to learn SEO by practice, which is doing SEO for websites and helping them rank.

You go through the first stage and learn the basic techniques in 1 or 2 months and even in 1-2 weeks.

Practicing takes time. It usually can take few months.

SEO is a step by step process. This is because SEO is organic. It takes time to start working. Things go step by step and slow.

It takes time to find your keywords with research.

Optimizing those keywords and writing the best and relevant content takes time.

Getting your website on Google and to start getting search impressions is a process which takes time.

Link building is the most time taking process, compared to other techniques of SEO.

Search engines take time to notice your new links.

It takes some more time for those new links to improve your search positions.

There are many factors which search engines consider before you improve your rankings.

And there is trust which your website needs to build for search engines.

You can start learning fast by directly learning the practical steps of optimization with this SEO tutorial step-by-step.

Know in detail how much time it takes to learn SEO.

Is SEO Hard To Learn in 2023?

Is SEO difficult to learn for a beginner?

If we take some clue from the above section about time to learn then again we can divide this question in two parts.

Learning the basics and practicing it and learning more.

There are few things which are very specific to how to optimize a website for search engines.

Yet these are not that hard to learn.

Most beginners find it difficult to learn at the start because of too many technical terms which normally people don’t know about.

Both learning and practicing SEO is easy.

And you can make it even easier.

If you learn practical steps from an expert who has already done it and achieved results.

For this here is the advanced SEO mastery training in proven expert strategies.

How Hard it is to Learn SEO from Scratch?

Is Learning SEO Worth It in 2023?

Should you learn SEO? Is it worth learning as a beginner to make a career?

Yes, SEO is very much worth learning. You should definitely go ahead and learn it. It is a skill. It is a very important skill that is very important. It is a great and wonderful career and growth opportunity.

Companies look for SEO professionals for their businesses and their business websites. This is because they know that SEO is important for business and for its online success.

SEO is also the most important, effective and result oriented digital marketing channel or technique.

With the help of search engine optimization a website or a blog or a business can get thousands or even millions of views or visitors or users and that too regularly.