Importance of keyword research & right keywords for SEO success

Need, Use & Importance of SEO keywords

Understand the importance of keywords in SEO

In order to really understand why keywords are important in SEO we need to look at the process of SEO and find out what are the keywords, what role they play, how they are used and why. This is the best way to start to learn SEO.

This will help us understand the importance of keywords for SEO. And this is how we are going to understand it here.

Keywords are the most important and everything in SEO revolves around these Key Words.

Therefore, keyword research is also very important in SEO and for search visibility and traffic. Here you will understand and know importance of keywords and thereby the importance of keyword research in SEO.

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The most important reason why keywords are important and needed in SEO

No SEO without keywords

We need to understand and know about our SEO keywords as we cannot do any kind of search optmization without these.

Even if you do not want to use keywords or if one day you decide to do SEO without using keywords, you will still find keywords all across your page and your content.

You cannot escape from keywords and using these in your content and page for the purpose of search engine optimization.

AND NO! You cannot do SEO without using keywords.

Because whenever you write about something or anything as online content and when that content is read by search engines and even by users, they will always identify some keywords in it.

This is because there will always be some keywords in the content. This is because as we said before that keywords are just the simple words that people use and talk about. So when you write about something then you are going to use those words.

So, you cannot do SEO without keywords. You need to understand how to find & use keywords. And this becomes more clear when you read the next section on what you do with SEO keywords.

And no matter you write for the purpose of SEO, content marketing, for social media, for articles or blogs, or even for some offline purpose, you will use keywords.

The only difference is that when you write for SEO you are specifically focused on keywords. But when you write for non SEO or non PPC purposes then you use these but don’t focus on these as much. And sometimes you just mention these without even knowing it.

This is why keywords are important to SEO we do

What you do with SEO keywords

Now people are searching on the search engines using a large range of (yet) specific words that they think will give them the answer or search results which will have the content or information that they are looking for.

Therefore, websites, web pages and the content published there needs to target those keywords so that the content gets relevant meaning and direction.

So, we optimize our online content with keywords. That is what we primarily do with keywords.

For the purpose of search engine optimization or SEO, we use keywords for these three main reasons.

  1. Make a keyword rank
  2. We use SEO keywords to identify, optimize and streamline content

Know what audience we can target

When we do SEO for any new website step by step then what is our sole purpose? We want to reach people on search engines. These people are those who are using search engines to find many types of information or products & services. What we are interested in finding out is, who are the people that need information or products that our website is offering.

How do we find those people on search engines? By finding out keywords that people are using. When we find keywords that indicate the need for information or products that our website is offering then we find our target audience on search engines.

Make a keyword rank

This is one of the primary goals of doing and learning SEO. All the professionals and experts started learning it and then do search engine optimization to make a keyword rank.

We use keywords in SEO to make them rank. Why do we rank keywords? Ranking a keyword is the only way to improve search visibility on the search engines. With improved search visibility you reach more searchers and get more clicks. More visibility and clicks brings more traffic.

When you master the art of ranking keywords, you master SEO.

The first thing beginners ask is how tough it is to learn search engine optimization. After this the second question is how long it takes to learning SEO and long it takes to get results from it.

Once you have learned it and start doing it then you can get stuck and you want to know why keywords are not ranking and how to improve their search positions.

Best SEO experts have worked hard and learned how to rank keywords and bring more traffic to websites. One of the ways that they have mastered is how to rank a keyword fast and bring more clicks and traffic.

We use SEO keywords to identify, optimize and streamline content

If you start reading any content which does not have a heading and sub headings, whether it is offline or online, what will happen? First, you may have difficulty knowing what that content is all about. Then you will have to read through it only to know what it relates to. And if you have to go through that then you might as well skip it.

The content is the explanation or the detailing. But the keywords are the headers or headlines or other content signals that help you know what this is all about. Keywords are like the important signposts or markers which help you know what lies ahead, in the content.

I want you to write only 500 words and you can start writing them now and then come back and read this blog post or article later.

Can you do that?

Of course NO!

First, you need a subject, a topic to write on.

Then when you start writing you need pointers to direct your content and give meaning to it.

These can also be seen as the keywords. Or, these are definitely the places in the content where you use your keywords.

We optimize and streamline every online content with the use of keywords. These keywords are also the headers and the Titles. But these are also the important stop and restart points in the content.

Keywords give structure, meaning and direction to your content. Your keywords can be your important stop and look here places.

Keywords help divide and segment content into sections and give name to these sections.

Importance of Keywords for SEO are these

Search engine indexes content for keywords

When you submit your site for indexing to Google then it indexes and categorizes your content and page for the keywords it uses.

If you write content about one topic but you do not do detailed and complete on page SEO optimization then your content will not be able to target the right keywords.

No matter how good and unique your content is, if it is not using the right keywords and is not optimized for those then it is not getting indexed for the keywords that are right for you and the keywords which that content should be targeting.

The result is that you do not get relevant traffic. And it could even happen that your content and page does not rank for the keywords that it should rank for.

I have seen pages that were ranking for all the not that important and irrelevant keywords. All I needed to do there is find the right keywords and use them properly with the help of on page SEO optimization techniques.

People use keywords to find websites

Yes, this is the most important reason to use keywords. And this is most important importance and use of keywords.

People who search on Google and other search engines always use keywords.

They use words, terms and phrases when they want to find any information or want to buy something.

If you have a content that you want should reach those users then you have to use those keywords in your content.

Keywords help connect your content with their actual users and seekers. Use of right keywords makes your website important as it can reach the audience it is meant for.

This is the importance of SEO for business websites.

Keywords give us insights into what searcher wants

Searchers use keywords to find what they are looking for. What does this mean?

They want to find something. Then they use certain words, terms or different phrases to find what they are looking for.

They may use different phrases but most of those phrases will have some common type of words. These phrases and words are the keywords that tell us what our users are looking.

When you go on finding the right keywords then you know what your searchers or users are actually looking for and you find the keywords that properly represent that.

The right keywords you select are the ones that properly represent your content and your objective behind it. What these keywords will also tell you is what your searchers are looking for.

All the different types of keywords help you find all types of things your searchers need and want.