52 Useful Websites in Daily Lives (12 Types of Websites We Visit Regularly)

Which are the websites which you visit daily? Here is a list of 12 useful websites types and list of 52 sites in our daily lives.

Websites Have Become an Integral Part of Our Daily Lives

We live by the Internet day in day out in this online era. Our activities are more online now than they ever were. Mobiles, laptops and the Internet.

In our daily lives today we probably see more apps and websites every day than the real people.

So, yes websites have become important part of our lives. Because it is the websites that are there on the internet.

Different types of websites are available on the Internet today. And these are the places that we often visit. Or rather visit daily.

You may not have noticed and it is not a surprise that for many the first thing they see when they wake up and open their eyes are the digital screens.

Whether it is their mobiles, which is mostly the case.

And it is also often the last thing which we see going to sleep.

Yet, we do not say Good Night or Good Morning to these every day part of lives devices. Humour!

What are these websites that we live with in this online world? In case you have not yet listed these out, here we have made that list for you.

List of Most Useful Websites We Visit Daily in Our Lives Today

So this thought or observation brings us to ponder over for a minute about which are those websites that we visit daily in our lives.

What would it look like if we made a small but handy list of such useful websites that we daily visit and have become a part of our daily lives?

Which are these different yet common & popular types of websites available on the Internet that we visit and are useful for us too?

And what they give us or do for us or how they help us in our daily lives?

Let us look at this small list of some websites that most people would associate with.

I am sure majority of us would agree to visiting these list of daily useful websites in their day-to-day lives.

Alright, alright. These websites may not be the first thing you see in the morning sun or last one to in front of your eyes in the moonlight.

So, what are some of our favourite websites that we cannot live without?

Be it any day, Sunday or Monday, weekend or weekday.

Okay Okay.

Not exaggerating again.

Here is the list that I compiled. It is the types of websites that I often visit. Some of these website types are those that I visit daily too.

12 Types of Daily Use Websites that we Visit on a Day-To-Day Basis

Here are the 12 categories of daily use websites.

  1. Social sites
  2. Social Activities & Networking Sites
  3. Elearning
  4. News sites
  5. Weather sites
  6. Blogs
  7. Videos
  8. Meetups or dating sites
  9. Tech updates
  10. Music Apps
  11. App Downloads
  12. This one you know, I Bet!

Would not you agree with this list?

Even if not all the 10 types of websites. At least half of these sites or like 5 to 6 or may 7 types of websites would be those that you visit daily.

May be now you may agree or associate this list better. I list out some of the websites in each category and let us see how familiar are you with those websites.

Here is the List of 52 Websites which we Visit or See on a Daily Basis

Social Websites

How can someone not know of these very popular and also useful social types of websites.

We visit many of these sites on a daily basis.

These are the essential part of our lives.

What are these sites that we are surfing daily? (As if you did not know it already, phew!)

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Snapchat

Social Activities & Networking Sites

Apart from the above there are website types which we use for various social activities like networking and also related purposes like fun reading or posting things.

Of course it starts with the above social media sites, but goes beyond these.

Some of these social activity sites can be:

  1. Quora
  2. Reddit
  3. Pinterest
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Whatsapp

Elearning Websites

E-learning websites are those types that most of us visit almost every day. These sites offer education in the form of courses which are both paid and free.

Some of the e-learning website types are:

  1. W3 Schools
  2. Coursera
  3. Udemy
  4. TedEd
  5. Codeacademy
  6. CommLab India
  7. Gamelearn Blog

News Websites

News sites are one of the few really useful types of websites.

There are so many news websites that naming a few would not be that enough.

News sites are for different countries. Then in each country there are news websites for cities and in different languages especially in India.

Some of the popular websites for news are:

  1. Reuters
  2. BBC
  3. CNN
  4. NBC
  5. The Time

Weather Sites

Weather sites are also one of those types which we visit almost on a daily basis.

We want to check the weather today in our city.

We want to know the weather forecast for next day or next few days. This could be for the city you are living in or want to visit.

In case you are travelling to some place or you are a frequent traveller then weather sites like the following ones are your routine sites and very useful.

  1. SAT24
  2. The Weather Channel
  3. Windy
  4. AccuWeather
  5. Weather Underground
  6. WeatherBug
  7. World Weather Online


Blogs or blog websites are what we go to daily to read interesting articles or blogs.

These are mostly based on our interests and/or our daily jobs or activities.

So there is not much sense in naming any. Still these blog sites are a part of our day-to-day work and personal lives.

Video Streaming Websites

Who does not watch videos on a daily basis?

So we always and daily visit video websites like Youtube, Vimeo and Tiktok.

Meetups or Dating Websites

Meetups or dating sites are well not for everyone but ask the ones for whom these are like daily routine.

We need partners, friends, companions. And those who are still looking for these are usually active on these dating or meetups sites.

Personally I tried bumble and okcupid.

Tech Updates Websites

Almost all of us are using technology these days.

But some are especially interested in daily tech updates.

For those the tech websites are very useful.

For example

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3. CNet
  4. The Verge
  5. Gizmodo

Music Apps

Ah music to my ears. Headphones or earplugs on.

Music apps have become even more popular these recent days or years.

  1. Spotify
  2. Youtube Music
  3. BBC Sounds
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Amazon Music

App Download Websites

Don’t tell me you do not often download various apps. Where do you go often for these?

App stores online.

  1. Google Play
  2. Apple

And the Last one but not the least one.

Corona made this popular and these types of sites changed the movies industry and viewing.

Yes. You guessed it right.

OTT Streaming Websites

Is there anyone reading this right now who has not watched movies or done binge watching serials and episodes on any of the OTT?

  1. Amazon Prime Video (the one I love to watch)
  2. Netflix
  3. Disney Hotstar
  4. Voot
  5. Lionsgate
  6. SonyLIV


I know. I know.

I missed a lot of websites.

But I also sure that most of you can pick up at least a few from the above list of websites and their types which you know and which you visit daily.

Therefore, I also believe I covered most of the popular and daily use types of websites for almost all of you.

And for few of you like me (who are yet to explore many of these sites), here was the list of types of websites which you can visit daily and enjoy.