SEO Consultant Services for More Ranking & Traffic

SEO Consultant Services for More Ranking & Traffic

Expert SEO Consultant Agency in India for top rankings & search traffic

We are an SEO Agency in India which has Why you need to hire Best SEO consultant in India for your e-commerce, small business or a startup?

For traffic and not for rankings (only). Targeting search engines for keywords and queries means marketing using SEO. And that should bring good traffic to your e-commerce, small business or a startup website.

We are an expert in bringing traffic by ranking and offer it as best SEO consulting in India. We rank many keywords to bring relevant search traffic to help in business growth.

AND we can RANK not just few (like 10, 20 or 50), but HUNDREDS of keywords on the first page and generated THOUSANDS of traffic.

With specialized search engine optimization services and application your business website can get loads of traffic by targeting relevant and more keywords.

So the only question remains is why do you want to settle for limited rankings and little traffic when search engines can boost your growth.

Hire SEO Agency with Expertise based on proven results

My name is Kshitij Thakur, based in India, and I am the chief SEO consultant behind (and the founder of) Make SEO Roadmap offering my consulting expertise as services.

I have ranked keywords in THOUSANDS by now and have generated organic traffic from search engines which runs into good 6 figures.

This is the best result I got from doing SEO, and this is what I can give you.

I was able to rank a blog page for Hundreds of keywords. The last time I counted I had close to 1,000 keywords ranking on the first page of Google. Most of these keywords were ranking among the first three positions.

What I got from all that is 123K or 1,23,000 of organic traffic in one whole year.

123K organic traffic with our SEO consulting

I ranked those keywords on #1 and many other in the first 3 or 5 positions on the first page of Google.

During that period this website got 1.31 Million search impressions.

Many of these are still ranking there. And I am still getting search engine traffic.

I learned a lot from this. I am now getting Make SEO Roadmap to rank on Google for many more keywords. It is focused on SEO which is (one of) the toughest niche for Google ranking. But I am getting results.

There are close to 100 keywords which brought 1.14K of traffic in last 72 days ending the day I wrote this, January 18, 2021. These keywords are from a list of 1,000 keywords that gave my site search impressions of 103K or 1,00,3000.

100 keywords ranking with our SEO expertise

And then I discovered few ways to make websites rank for more keywords and little faster.

I was able to rank an additional and newly discovered long tail keyword in JUST A DAY OR TWO. It is now ranking top and getting regular traffic.

These are my SEO Expertise for hire.

This is the power of using ranking and traffic expertise of SEO. You rank for many keywords, you get good traffic, your traffic increases, and you discover more keywords and rank them too.

Agency Expertise in SEO to give you more from search engines

SEO can be the best digital marketing channel to bring consistent growth for a business website.

When you use SEO services as marketing and look to target your audience on search engines then you give your business website growing traffic.

Connect websites with right audience and reach them through rankings.

And we have expertise & experience in doing that. As SEO experts we can build a dominant search engine presence to help your business reach many people interested to buy your products & services.

We can bring top rankings in hundreds to connect your business with audience who are already searching your business or products.

The only question we ask is this. Do you want growth or just few keywords ranking without adding any real growth? Do you put a limit to your business reach when going for marketing?

When Google is already giving you so many ranking opportunities to get tons of free traffic to your ecommerce or startup business then why do you want to put a limit to it?

Believe and Invest in search engine traffic and hire the best SEO consulting services in India for expertise to get the benefits and results.

We are experts in bringing benefits and results in terms of traffic and rankings with our consultancy services for different businesses.

We bring more traffic to your website by ranking it for more keywords.

Ranking on search engines should mean traffic. This is our goal. And traffic should not come to just one page but across your website.

organic users as a result of SEO expertise organic traffic to site pages with SEO

We grow your traffic with solid content & search presence

We go beyond Google Rankings. Your websites ranks on Bing and gets traffic. We bring traffic to your website from other many referral sources with the help of good quality and user friendly content.

build traffic with SEO & social media expertise bring traffic to site pages with SEO & social media consulting Please note the purpose of this image is to give you idea of different traffic sources. These sources vary depending upon site type & other factors. These sources are not gauranteed or fixed for every website. However, we always aim to bring you traffic from rankings and from referral sources.

SEO Consulting Services expertise with social media optimization and marketing.

The question is

Do you want MORE traffic to your website?

Are you willing to INVEST (time) in SEO?

Do you want to offer value to your users & connect with many?

SEO expertise to connect your business to right audience & more of them

We want you to ask yourself why you want to hire SEO consultants for your business. The right answer is to connect your business with the right search users. And then work towards connecting with as many as possible.

This is what we do as consultants and use our SEO expertise for.

Keywords are the way to connect with audience. These are also the points to help a business discover more of their audience who are using search engines.

So, what your business needs is to connect with more such relevant audience. When you do that you get quality organic traffic. But more important is that you stand to gain more prospective customers from that traffic.

Keywords are Opportunities

Every keyword is a wonderful growth opportunity for every business.

Every keyword is an opportunity that connects a website to a target set of audience. Every keyword well optimized and ranked then helps you unlock and capitalise on that opportunity.

Every keyword which is well optimized also opens up your web page to many more interested audience through more keywords.

This is what we do and specialize as consultants for SEO.

Yes, it is a process and not an instant thing. If you wait you get the rewards.

We aim to look into each keyword and its meaning. We optimize it well and write user targeted content. This content when it relates better with your users it helps your website to discover many more keywords and opportunities.

And so when we rank for a keyword what you can expect is top ranking for more keywords.

What you get from our SEO consulting expertise is useful, rich & relevant organic traffic through search keyword rankings.

Do you need more traffic? Do you need help with SEO?

Best SEO consultant services to bring results for businesses from search engines

Hiring SEO as consulting service means marketing on search engines. It means planning, research, executing and tracking & monitoring. But more important than this is the overall approach & strategy.

When you pay to hire SEO consultancy services then you pay for all this and not for ranking a few keywords and showing the same to you.

While achieving those thousands of organic traffic and hundreds of top rankings I realized a very important factor or aspect. This aspect when developed as an approach can bring wonderful results.

We have had experience in doing SEO for ecommerce, local business, few small businesses and even consulted startups on content strategy & search engine optimization.

All these are businesses are different in many ways. Yet they have a common goal. They all were looking to reach their respective prospective audiences.

The approach is to connect and relate with your users with the help of search engine optimization. This is the underlying approach when we aim to find, optimize and rank your keywords. This approach goes beyond keyword ranking. This way you improve your website’s SEO and its effectiveness & results.

This can be extremely beneficial for ecommerce and startups & also small businesses. This can also benefit local businesses.

Every business has a market within search engines. A wholesome approach to cover this MARKET is what brings the best SEO benefits.

Why you need SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is optimizing your website to build a strong presence (and dominance) on search engines.

It is search engine optimization which means optimizing for search engines.

You know what search engines give you?

The only source to target people who clearly tell you what they want and are more ready to take actions which include buying a product.

You do not get that on social media.

And this is why people spend so much on search PPC or adwords or Google Ads.

Search for any commercial or product or service keywords and what you see is 3-5 paid ads on top and another 1-3 ads on bottom.

This is the benefit of targeting search engines.

To know the value of SEO search for your product keywords and look at the PPC ads right on top. What you will get is free traffic and clicks where companies are paying for every click.

While you pay for every click in PPC and you also pay for expertise. You get that traffic for free with SEO. You just pay for the expert services.

You can build a constant flow or funnel of search traffic to your website. And then you can make it grow every month and every year.

But you need to give SEO the quality, time & efforts it requires and have some patience. Then you can build good flow of organic traffic. This traffic will only increase if you continue your efforts.

But this is what businesses either do not know or do not want.

You do not get this by targeting 5, 10 or 20 keywords.

Doing SEO is not just rankings and doesn’t end at first page ranking of certain number of keywords.

Neither can you get results by aiming to get these ranked and then move on.

You need to focus on each keyword, explore and cover it well with content and optimization. Make it rank by building right backlinks.

You need to track and monitor your work and progress. You need to stay focused on it.

You need the right goal and approach for that. With that approach & mindset even if you target a certain or small number of keywords you can build good traffic for your website. With this you get lead prospects too.

Best reason to hire SEO consultant in India

The best reason for hiring SEO consultants is that there is a ready demand which you can reach, target and bring to your website with the right use of strategies and techniques.

And even scaling up is cost friendly compared to other channels and brings tons of traffic, BIG results and for a very long term.

This is why we as SEO expert consultant I recommend search engine optimization services to every business and website wanting to start or escalate their website marketing and growth.

By using search engine optimization every business can create a regular flow of incoming search traffic to their website. This traffic allows a business to target and reach their prospective customers and generate leads on a consistent basis with proper optimization. Isn't this what every business wants, growth?

What it means hiring SEO consultancy services

Hiring SEO consulting expertise and services does not mean asking to rank for a certain number of keywords. Or selecting a package which tells gives you that fixed number of keywords.

What doing SEO really means and how we do it is a complete process of marketing. It is broadly managing, monitoring and constantly improving your search engine presence. And you should hire our expertise for this only.

What it means to rank keywords in search

Ranking a keyword properly means much more than being able to see it on the first page of Google search.

Ranking a keyword first should mean to aim to connect with the audience that is searching for it. Ranking on search engines is the way we market a business or its individual products or services to that audience.

We rank keywords to bring some of that traffic or audience to our website. And we improve its optimization and ranking to improve & increase the traffic to your website.

Ranking top is not the goal but a means to achieve a greater goal which is relevant traffic to your website.

We aim to bring you relevant search traffic by ranking right keywords. This is what we do for your business website as expert SEO consultants in India.